Only recently, it was almost impossible to make headway into the tobacco industry. That’s because it has been dominated by a handful of corporations that made sure newcomers had as difficult of a time getting in as possible. They successfully lobbied the government to get regulations put in place that would create significant barriers to entry. The taxes involved in the industry would also shut out anyone but the companies with the most substantial budgets and profit margins. As airtight as Big Tobacco believed its plan was, it became circumnavigated by a small company called Pearls. Founded by CEO Antony Levinson, Pearls is a small company looking to make its mark on the tobacco industry. Its success would become predicated upon a revolutionary and novel product that the company dubbed the cigar cone. This unique product strays from the traditional style and shape of a cigar. Instead of being cigar-shaped, cigar cones look like cones you can fill with tobacco, cannabis, or some other herb.

The tobacco leaves used for Pearls’ cigar cones are the finest quality madura leaves grown on a farm that Pearls owns in Nicaragua. After being harvested, the leaves are aged for two years to ensure they attain the best quality. Once they have gone through the aging process, they are hand-rolled into the final cone-shaped product. A glass tip is inserted at the narrow end of the cigar cone, making it easy and efficient to smoke, whether a newbie or a connoisseur.

The value Pearls holds lies in the fact that it is not sacrificing quality for the sake of amassing more significant profits. The innovative design has already been turning heads and eating market share from competing Big Tobacco corporations. According to Pearls, that has happened for far too long in the tobacco industry. Even people who use tobacco products have known that the quality has dropped significantly over the years, yet they had nowhere else to turn to — until now.

Backwoods has been the top dog when it came to pre-rolled blunts. Founded in 1973, the company initially promised consumers that it would use premium madura leaves aged three months in all its products. Fast-forward to today, the quality of tobacco leaves has significantly diminished while the price has gone up.

This is a classic situation that usually leads to another company coming into the market and creating a better product at a lower cost. However, given the difficulties of breaking into the tobacco industry, it has proved to be challenging. Nevertheless, Pearls figured out how to break through into the market and is now reaping the rewards of doing so.

At just 22 years old, Antony Levinson has figured out how to win against massive players in the tobacco industry. He has applied his forward-thinking mindset to a stuffy and stagnant sector and has significantly benefited.

You can learn more about Pearls by going here.

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