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Agent’ Sarah Kozlowski Channeled Her Inner Jerry Maguire as Zoe Zante

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South African actress and venture capitalist Sarah Kozlowski is a boxing ‘Junkie’ and UFC fan. She one of the few that had the opportunity to be in Las Vegas to watch the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Connor McGregor live in 2017. So, when she was approached to play Zoe Zante who owns a South African football [soccer] team she jumped at the opportunity.

Kozlowski was a recent guest on the ‘What’s Your Opinion‘ podcast and revealed that she was very excited to play the role of Zoe Zante.

” It is really cool. The best sports character that I ever watched was Tom Cruise in [Jerry Maguire]. I thought that sports agent was prolific that character that he played because everyone sees the sports, but no one exactly gets the sports agent and that side of the whole dynamic. And as an actor I also have agents, so there is a whole other side of it,” said Kozlowski. “Without our agents we are nothing and we really put so much of our life and faith into these people that represent us. From that angle I was super excited and being a sports fan, I was always curious about what a sports agent is like because I have always dealt with talent agents. “

Sarah Kozlowski also shared that she wanted to channel her inner Jerry Maguire while playing Zoe Zante.

“And I kind of wanted channel that Jerry Maguire because he is so awesome and she has a real corky side on the show ‘Agent’ and really superstitious. And she has to have her Greek lucky coin from her father. And she has a corky never say die and she ould rather bury herself nose-first into the ground then say I surrender. So, yeah it was really cool.”

Kozlowski has a couple of projects in post-production and a project by the name of Alexia is completed, according to her IMDB page.

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Written by Landon Buford

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