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The country of Denmark is more than five thousand miles from Los Angeles, known to the Vikings, LEGOs, beautiful lush landscapes and emerging actress/Producer Pernille Trojgaard. Pernille Trojgaard recently sat down with RESPECT. To discuss her recent pilot “Beyond The Badge” and some of her past projects, including working with Adam Sandler, David Spade and Paula Patton on the Netflix film The Do-Over.

Can you describe what it was like growing up in Denmark as a young adolescent?
We have a high welfare and social system I would also say it is greener than here in California. Denmark also reminds me of a small town feel in comparison to California, and I grow in a city called “Odense, Denmark” which now has a population close to 200,000 citizens.

Was it a culture shock for you when you relocated to the US?
There is some difference between Demark and the US, but things are not notably different until you live in either country for a while. Some of the humor is different, and there is a difference going about certain things, but for the most part, it was not a huge shock when I relocated to the US.

Were you professionally trained in acting before entering the entertainment business?
No. I have a business degree. I have always wanted to be an actress. While pursuing my degree in business, I was fortunate enough to save up enough money to relocate to the United States. Before transferring, I researched all the actors and actresses that I admired as a young child, where they received their education.  Upon graduating with a degree in business, I relocated to New York City and enrolled in acting school.

In the pilot Beyond the Badge, you portray the character “Cougar.” Can you tell us what role is about and what intrigued you about this project?
First, I want to say all the individuals that I worked with on the project were terrific and it was an honor to be a part of this project. What attracted me to the project was that it allowed me to play a character that was different some most of my past roles.

How is this role different from some of the characters you played in the past?
The character “Cougar” is very gritty, dark, and I get to participate in some fight scenes. In comparisons to most of my other roles that I’ve played in the past as either the young mother or Secretary.

In your opinion, how is Beyond the Badge different from other traditional programs like “Law and Order”?
You have more of an urban cast as well as a cultural feel to this project. This project showcases more of what happens behind the scenes of being an undercover police officer and it is not just the happy ending. The plot is fascinating in the sense of what officers must go through on a personal level.

You had the opportunity be a Co-Producer on the film “The Do-Over” which features Adam Sandler, David Spade, Paula Patton.  Can you describe the atmosphere and to comradery on set during the filming process?
I developed the project from the stretch with two writers. We had an idea and decided to create a plan around that concept.  After reviewing the material, we elected to sell it to Netflix and Adam Sandler. After we sold the project, we still had an opportunity to participate in the film, but Adam and Netflix have their system in place. I was a Co-Producer on the project, and we built a great comradery with everyone on set.  It was a fantastic experience, and everyone on this was a treat to work with on the set.

You have producer credits on your resume at this point in your career have you thought about partnering with Netflix, or other streaming platforms like Amazon or Hulu to create your content?
My development company has several different projects that we have in production.  Besides, we are always looking for partnerships to get out material out to the public. If the opportunity presents itself, we are open to listening to offers.

When you are performing in a recurring television role like “Conan” is there some different techniques you would use more in comparison to a film project?
Recurring roles on “Conan” and other small television roles, you play different parts. So, that requires various preparation techniques for each character. In the case of movies and more extended recurring roles you are playing the same characters, and it is fewer techniques that need to be studied.

What are some other projects that you are currently working on that we should look out for in the future?
Most of the projects that I’m working on right now are developed, and we are looking to have them placed for distribution.

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