95 Percent Of N***s In Music Are Being Written For, Says King Los


On Sunday afternoon, King Los was on Clubhouse in A.D.H.D (ALL DEBATES ARE HEATED DISCUSSIONS) SUNDAY HIP HOP SERVICE room hosted by Trap Bradshaw. During the discussion, Los was talking about some of the things behind the sense the general public doesn’t get to see. Such as artists being the music industry.

“Artists is the music industry, right that the music industry. Why is it industry? Because most artists are industrialize meaning what? They need a machine to run the s*** like a factory, right? And you can copy them put duplicates out if you follow whatever system. They either created or what they are using at the moment, which is why these certain artists have success because it is a machine. When look at these artists and look at somebody like Drake and you may solely attribute what Drake do and he’s a great artists,” said Los.

“But, when you know, you really know how many people actually sit in them rooms before they get to these artists. Are you kidding me, that you will never know about in your life. Their pen game is so, superb they coming with the settle nuances that change the whole s***, and they A&Rs to bring that to them because they have a budget to be great artists.”

Los Added, “I want people to see in the majority lets keep it all the way real, 95 percent of n***s in music are being written for let’s keep it thorough.”

What do you think?

Written by Landon Buford

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