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9 Captivating Web Illustration Trends to Explore in 2023

Every passing year brings a wave of new design styles and user preferences. To ensure your brand products are impactful and attention-grabbing, your visuals must be equally captivating and engaging. After all, customers are influenced by what they see. Even if you developed an eye-catching design a few years ago, there is no guarantee that it still resonates with and positively appeals to your target audience today. To maintain a competitive edge, it’s essential to stay up-to-date with the latest visual trends.

In this article, we’ll explore the art trends for 2023. Keep on reading to discover top sources with licensed, high-quality illustrations.

Current trends in digital illustrations

In 2023, designers prioritize user-friendliness and convenience when developing projects. The selection of available visual materials plays a crucial role in achieving this goal. Overall, web illustrations should embody simplicity and clarity, catering to various users without overwhelming their perceptions.

To help you stay on top of design trends, here are some popular illustration styles that you can incorporate into your projects:

Geometric patterns

Geometric patterns use abstract shapes and lines in an unusual manner. For example, artists can combine circles, waves, and rectangles to achieve intricate patterns. Geometrism attracts attention and helps designers convey depth and brightness.

In geometrism, each shape carries its own symbolic meaning, allowing brands to convey their unique values to consumers. For example, opting for rectangle patterns can effectively highlight reliability.

Geometric patterns in illustrations work best for businesses that emphasize precision, clarity, and elegance. Many jewelry brands utilize this style because it can bring a touch of charm and sophistication to their designs.

Vibrant gradients

Illustrations with vibrant gradients are popular among creators this year because they add energy and a sense of movement to their projects. For example, you can use them in developing unique corporate styles, packaging, logo, and advertisement.

A great example of this trend can be seen on Apple’s official website. The brand uses various gradient combinations to represent its products, from blue to neon shades. Vibrant gradient illustrations can help you highlight the way your goods can change people’s lives. They are an ideal choice for bold and adventurous companies unafraid of embracing the extraordinary.

Limited-color palette

Less is more. Using too many colors can sometimes distract from the main focus of the artwork. A limited-color palette can be a solution. This illustration style imposes using only two shades when making a composition, leading to an exciting journey of experimentation and the delivery of something truly unique. There is no need to worry if the colors in your design are different from reality; just channel your artistic freedom.

A limited-color palette can be a good option for mobile application interfaces where designers strive to emphasize functionality. By utilizing bright colors, you can make accents on important elements of your project, effectively guiding user focus and enhancing usability.

Psychedelic motifs

The psychedelic illustration style is characterized by vibrant colors and mesmerizing kaleidoscopic patterns. Psychedelic motifs in illustrations frequently include groovy typography, adding a futuristic touch to designs.

The psychedelic style offers endless possibilities for variations and interpretations. Its versatility ensures that it will always resurface as an illustration trend. For example, some food and beverage companies use these motifs to attract consumer attention to their packaging. Among other products on retail shelves, psychedelic illustrations undoubtedly stand out, making a memorable and distinctive impact.

Cartoonish style

Cartoonish illustrations can infuse a sense of friendliness into a brand’s messages. Creators also employ this visual style to simplify complex concepts. Due to this ability, cartoonish illustrations are a perfect option for storytelling and explainer videos. For instance, agriculture companies and IT providers successfully utilize this style to showcase their services and offerings to their target audience.


In artistry and culture, escapism is about separation from reality and immersion in alternative worlds and experiences. Indeed, the COVID-19 pandemic and global geopolitical uncertainties push creative minds to go deeper into their consciousness, seeking coziness and tranquility through their work. These escapist creations perfectly reflect the personalities and emotions of their creators.

Escapism stock art and illustrations can be great design material for promoting personal brands. Using these images, creators can enveil the identity of a specific person and highlight their strong and weak points.

Line art

Line art may appear simple at first glance, but it is a style in which every line serves a distinct purpose. For example, bold lines allow creators to accentuate essential details, while cursives convey elegance.

Line art illustrations can be a good option for promoting cosmetology, jewelry, and apparel brands. The charm and delicacy exuded by this style perfectly aligns with aesthetics often associated with these businesses.

Micro animations

The demand for interactive experiences from consumers remains a constant and enduring trend. People desire to engage with brands, seeking feedback and guidance on their actions. Through micro animations, you can encourage customers to take specific actions, convey your unique story, or notify them if anything goes wrong during your interactions. For example, you can create simple animated scenes like glares or pop-up elements, suitable for social media or website promotions.

Surrealistic textures

Surrealistic textures in illustrations offer a unique and refreshing outlook on ordinary subjects. For example, you can combine contradictory motifs like post-apocalyptic vision and the beauty of nature, creating intriguing and thought-provoking visuals. You can also use AI tools—like DALL-E-2 and Midjourney—to generate ideas and source inspiration.

These surrealistic illustrations can be used by futuristic and daring brands seeking to establish a distinctive and integral style. For example, you can integrate these textures into your website or social media post backgrounds to create a captivating and otherworldly atmosphere.

Where to download the best web illustrations

Having access to high-quality visual materials is a valuable asset for creative minds, and Depositphotos is an excellent resource for meeting these needs. As an international stock content site, Depositphotos boasts an extensive library with over 250 million HD, licensed visual materials, including photos, vectors, illustrations, backgrounds, patterns, icons, etc.

Browsing, you can explore numerous curated collections and thematic categories featuring striking illustrations and paintings. The materials are sourced from professional designers, photographers, and illustrators, ensuring top-notch quality. Depositphotos offers an advanced filtering system, allowing you to refine your search based on specific requirements, such as image orientation or technique. Such functionality ensures that users can efficiently find the visuals they need for their creative endeavors.

For those seeking inspiration and staying up-to-date with the latest design trends, the Depositphotos Blog provides valuable insights and information. Whether you’re a professional designer or a creative enthusiast, this resource can be a helpful reference point.

What does the future look like for illustrators?

Digital illustration is a flexible industry that reflects worldwide events and user preferences. Predicting its future direction may be challenging, but one thing is evident: the demand for illustrations will continue to grow. After all, as a creator, you can use these pictures in various contexts and projects.

In marketing communications, storytelling and personalization have become the norm. This trend will likely lead to using illustrations in developing unique and engaging visual narratives. As a result, we can expect to see an increase in creative collaborations, with illustrators, writers, animators, developers, and designers joining forces to craft something exceptional.

As technology advances and consumer preferences evolve, the digital illustration industry will adapt, opening up new possibilities for creativity and expression. The future of illustration promises exciting opportunities for both creators and consumers as it continues to play an integral role in shaping visual communication and storytelling.


As digital design evolves, content creators must stay ahead of the curve and explore the latest illustration trends. In 2023, a multitude of captivating styles and techniques dominate. From escapism to vibrant gradients, trendy illustrations can help refresh your brand and grab consumer attention. If you’re searching for high-quality visual materials, visit Depositphotos to buy professional-grade illustrations for your next creative project.

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