Power’s Diana Tejada Gets Arrested By DEA After Being Caught On Camera Putting Drugs In Locker On The Roof [Watch]

In Season Three of Power Book II: Ghost episode seven, the DEA has been keeping a close eye on the Tejada family’s drug trafficking operation. When Diana Tejada is caught on camera hiding drugs on the roof of her apartment building and in lockers at Stansfield, the DEA moves in to make an arrest. Diana is taken into custody at her house, and the rest of the Tejada family is left reeling from the shock of her arrest.

Diana’s arrest is a significant blow to the Tejada family’s drug empire, as she had been instrumental in the operation’s success. Her father, Monet, is left to pick up the pieces and try to keep the business running without her. Meanwhile, Diana faces a daunting legal battle as she is charged with drug trafficking and faces a lengthy prison sentence if convicted. As the Tejada family struggles to adapt to the new reality of Diana’s arrest, they must contend with rival drug dealers looking to take advantage of their weakened position.

Before the episode ends Lauren Baldwin shares with Tariq St. Patrick that the Feds have a RICO case against them, and when he asked why didn’t Saxe see it coming, Baldwin shares that he does and Patrick figures out that Saxe is a mole playing both sides.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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