“High Stepping” by Cigs Inside: An Energetic Journey through Experimental Genres

Cigs Inside, the experimental music group from Boise, ID, is back with another exciting single, “High Stepping.” This heavy drum and bass, breakbeat, and hip-hop-influenced track feature an explosive energy that will keep you moving from start to finish.

The “High Stepping” music video is also a feast for the eyes, with vibrant animations that complement the song’s experimental mood. It’s no surprise that Cigs Inside is gaining traction in the alternative and indie music scenes, thanks to their unique blend of genres and ability to push boundaries.

With “High Stepping,” Cigs Inside takes listeners on an epic journey through soundscapes and emotions, showcasing their prowess as artists and producers. This USA-based group is one to watch, and “High Stepping” is just a taste of what they have in store for their fans.

CLICK HERE TO STREAM Cigs Inside’s “High Stepping” on YouTube. 

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Written by Natalie Patrick

Music Journalist.

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