Jemele Hill, Jim Trotter, Spank Horton, & Marlon Palmer React To Viral Photo Of Dallas Cowboys’ Jerry Jones

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is making headlines this Wednesday because an old picture of him has popped up on social media.

A 1957 photo of Jones was uploaded to Twitter. The caption from the picture said:

“Wow, so Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was one of the bullies trying to stop his Black classmates from desegregating Central High in Little Rock in 1957.” 

This photo was attached to a column in the Washington Post that reads, “Jerry Jones helped transform the NFL, except when it comes to race.” 

The Washington Post article made it clear that Jones never hired a black head coach during his long term in Dallas. Several people have been tweeting about Jones.

“When people try to act like we’re so far off from slavery, segregation, and overall racism it’s cool we can remind them that the current owner of the Dallas Cowboys is this guy,” one person said. 

“Most of these people are probably still alive today,” another person wrote. “And people don’t change as much as we think they do.”

“It’s about time we start identifying ppl from this photos y’all be thinking it’s ancient history and the shit be happening between 40-60 years ago,” a third person tweeted.

Jemele Hill tweeted, “Guessing Jerry Jones isn’t the only NFL owner who has something like this in his past. The wild part is the expectation that Black people are just supposed to naively trust that white people who were once eager participants in the dark parts of history magically have evolved.”

So many thoughts. In due time. In due time, ex NFL vet Jim Trotter.

That’s why they wanna erase history, said Stand Up Comedian/Actor Spank Horton.

Comedian/ Marlon Palmer tweeted, ” We need some sort of Face Shazaam for these old pics.”

What do you think?

Written by Byron Nelson

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