LaToya Tonodeo On Her Audition For Diana Tejada, “I Feel Like I Murder It”


LaToya Tonodeo plays Diana Tejada on Power Book II: Ghost, and she is the latest guest on The Crew Has It with Michael Rainey Jr & Gianni Paolo. They started the interview with asking her how she discovered Power.

“It might sound like a broken record, but oh well, because it’s facts. I have been a fan of Power since the very beginning. It has been on my vision board since 2017. I still have the vision board, so I have the house close like the stuff I want; I want to get fit. So, I put my acting stuff things in the middle. I wanted Starz, I literally cut out Starz and put Z on there, and I had Power on there. I envision myself talking to Courtney [Kemp], talking to 50 [Cent]; it was crazy because Power was my thing. I swear I was not playing, and then I also said I wanted to get a manager and an agent,” said Tonodeo.

“I put that in that area too. That was the end of December going into 2017, and I got my agent in 2017. I got my agent by my fiance’s manager, so she reached out over at Abrams before changing it over to A3. So, that is how that happens. Of course, you go into a meeting, and you put yourself on tape because, at the time, I had nothing to share… So, I did some sides and audition tapes, prayed, and sent it over, and they signed me. And then almost a year later I ended up getting my two managers… Then 2019 came around and I got an email saying they wanted to audition for I don’t know did it say Ghost…Yes, and I didn’t know if it was prequel or moving forward…. I feel like a murder my audition.”

Could you imagine some of the legendary scenes that LaToya has been apart of while playing Diana Tejada during the first two seasons for example, the dinner scene in episode 8 of season two, which LaToya revealed it took two days to film. None of us here couldn’t imagine it either.

What do you think?

Written by Landon Buford

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