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The Game Has About 17,000 Songs Of Unheard Music & Currently Shopping An NFT Album, Says Wack 100

On Monday afternoon, Wack 100 was on the Clubhouse app in Sleepless in LA talking about various topics, including Suge Knight blaming him for forcing him to take a 28-year sentence. Wack revealed that Knight made it easy for the law enforcement by telling on himself on facility recordings over a hundred hours giving orders to associates, according to Wack 100.

Wack, as always, was answering people on the stage questions, including when I asked him whether there were any plans for his artist The Game to release an NFT album.

“We did a song that is doing well on the NFT. We have an album that we are looking to shop for as an NFT, we just have to get with the right NFT company that knows what they are supposed to do. Everyone can’t push them out correctly and I’m seeing that,” said Wack 100.

“But, I’m open for it, if it makes sense. The Game has about 17,000 songs on the drive that hasn’t been heard yet.”

Last month, Game shared on Twitter that he never received his flowers from the music industry.

“I never got my flowers from the industry cause wouldn’t be a puppet for the dollar bill #ThugLife,” he tweeted.

“You know how many of your favorite WEST COAST artists I hand a hand in puttin on??? Just being a good nigga…. Was offered finders fees, could’ve signed niggas….. etc, I just wanted to see niggas from my side win.”

The game added, “Ask Dr. Dre…. Ask Top Dawg, ask niggas… I been solid for niggas since 2003 in this shit. The definition of ‘GOOD LOOKIN.’”

The Game was also Clubhouse earlier this year and said he was the best rapper to come out of Compton.

“Can’t nobody in Compton out rap Game, nigga. Can’t nobody in Compton out rap me,” he stated. “Kendrick my nigga. Kendrick is doing his shit. I love that nigga to death. Nigga, I flew past Kendrick when that nigga was on foot, nigga, in a Range Rover and showed him how to do this shit.”

“Don’t play. Don’t play with the Game name. Compton, nigga. Hardest nigga in Compton — rapping, lyricist, me. Any nigga that says any different, I’ll body him and any nigga he fuck with.” The “How We Do” MC also said that he considered Lamar, MC Ren, and DJ Quik to be the top three rappers from his hometown, aside from himself.”

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Written by Landon Buford

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