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Wack 100 Used Ray J’s Contract For Him To Be A Part Of Hit Record ‘I Hit It First,’ Says Ray J


Earlier this year, Wack 100 revealed on Clubhouse in the Sleepless In LA room that he was behind Ray J’s hit record ‘I Hit It First.’

“I was behind that record. I made DJ Kay Slay A&R on that project, and I came up with the concept the song and with the Kim Kardashian look-alike in the music video, which Vlad TV, who we told not to bring any cameras, but he must have snuck one in any way,” said Wack 100.

On Saturday afternoon, Ray J and Wack 100 were on Clubhouse in the Sleepless in LA when someone asked Ray J if he heard Wack’s verse to the “I Hit It First Remix.’

Ray J did not want to be a part of the single at all, but Wack used his contract against him to do it.

“Listen, I was dreading that song, and Wack kept telling me, that we are putting the song out. The day that the song was coming out I was dreading the days coming up because I was like man y’all N**** was tripping. They did a whole super big-budget video with the digital s***. I was like y’all N**** going crazy. And s*** it was a weird run,” said Ray J.

Then Wack chimed in with a story that he never told anyone this, ‘Look, Ray J was totally against the song, and I own the song. So forget him to participate, I hate to say it, but I had to use my f***** contract against him. I told him you gotta do it.”

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Written by Landon Buford

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