Wyndham Hotels Reacts To Mark Curry’s Viral Video & Holly Robinson Peete Also Sounds-Off [Watch]

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Holly Robinson Peete sent support to her former sitcom costar Mark Curry after he experienced racial profiling at the Wyndham Hotels in Colorado.

Peete, who played opposite the actor and comedian in the 90’s sitcom Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper, called the incident unacceptable and “so disrespectful” in a Twitter feed on Saturday.

.”There was no reason for Mark to be singled out except for the fact that he’s a Black man,” Peete wrote. “I’m so sorry this happened.”

“I watched the whole video. There was no reason for Mark to be singled out except for the fact that he’s a black man. Since when do you have to identify yourself sitting in the lobby drinking coffee. This would be farcical if it wasn’t so disrespectful

On Friday, on Instagram, Curry documented his experiences at the Hotel Mining Exchange at Wyndham Grand Hotel & Spa, based in Colorado Springs. The comedian, who was in town for a comedy tour, was drinking a cup of coffee in the lobby when a man he identified as the head of security approached him and asked if he was a hotel guest.

In the 26-minute video, the man declined to leave his position until he could establish that Curry was a guest. “If you’re Black and you’re in Colorado Springs, you can’t be in the lobby,” Curry said. “Wow! This is crazy, isn’t it?”

Another permanent staff member shows Curry accused of using the “race card” during the surveillance interrogation.

In the video, Curry documented the men who were following him around the hotel. Later, he came to the reception to inform a woman he would like. Contact the police since the man identified as security refused to show any identification and was following him.

“I would like to call the police on this guy for following me. I don’t know who he is,” Curry told the woman while streaming the incident live. The woman at the desk told Curry the man was one of their engineers and inquired if the comedian was a guest “for safety.”

“A Black man can’t go nowhere in America,” Curry later said from his hotel room. The comedian said he would be leaving the hotel and incorporating his experiences into his next set. “Black man and a hotel lobby it’s impossible that he has a room here,” he captioned the video. “No, I have a suite! He walks up to me with no badge on. I don’t know who this man is.”

Meanwhile in Peete’s Twitter thread, The Wyndham Hotels replied, “We appreciate your concerns. The hotel’s owner and management team are working to make this right. Room is being refunded and Mr. Curry has an open invitation to return any time in the future at no cost. Hotel is also revisiting staff training to ensure all feel welcome.”

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