Wack 100 Sounds Off-On Drake Unfollowing Quavo And Then Refollows, “When It Hits The Blogs These Bozos Will Follow Back”

 Brandon Dull

Rappers Drake and 21 Savage will release Her Loss, a joint album, on Friday. To promote the project, the pair has done multiple parodies, including NPR Music’s Tiny Desk series.

Unfortunately, it isn’t real, and Drake and 21 haven’t stopped at the NPR office for the segment.

In a post-Wednesday Instagram, Drake and 21 are sitting in front of a backdrop of books and everything considered signage, although if you saw enough of Tiny Desks, perhaps you noticed that the background was not quite the same as the one used to shoot at the real thing.

“What’s up everybody? Appreciate you joining us today, all the audience, everybody at home,” Drake says.

Speaking of Drake, Wack 100 recently sounds off-on Drake unfollowing and then refollowing Quavo.

No Room For The Weak
No Room For The Weak

“Let me explain something to you, bro, n*** when I inside told me that is right there. I came to the room and told my nephew to check it. N***, when checked it, they had unfollowed. I told my nephew roll the room and changed the title. It’s going to hit the blogs. When it hits the blogs, these Bozos will follow back. N***, we got our s*** timed stamped on the unfollow. Eight minutes later, guess what they did follow back,” said Wack 100.

“N*** is bozos number eights.”

Many feel this had something to do with Migos member Take Off being shot and killed over the weekend at Party hosted by Jas Prince.

A nurse who lived by the bowling alley in Houston where the incident happened described what she heard.

“I live close by and I heard, ‘Pow pow pow pow pow,’ and it stopped and I went, ‘That’s so weird so I got up in my pajamas, go over to the balcony, my neighbors were underneath me. I said ‘Did yall hear that?’  And they said ‘Yeah.’ And I said ‘I don’t think that was a car or firecrackers. That sounded like gunshots,'” she explained

“I’m thinking that’s the victim. That’s the person who’s shot,” she said. “It sounded like a cry of agony. It was a cry of agony but emotional not physical.”

What do you think?

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