Tupac Shaker And Faith Evans Violated The Notorious B.I.G, According To Spice 1 [Watch]


Spice One spoke with The Art of Dialogue earlier this year. As one can imagine, West Coast rap OG was full of colorful opinions and lively tales implying his decades-long journey into hip-hop.

The late Tupac Shakur was an important topic of conversation during the interview and, at one point. Spice 1 shared that Faith Evans, the widow of The Notorious B.I.G, engaged in a “friends with benefits” relationship with 2Pac in the 1990s.

“Faith, that was ‘Pac’s girl,” he says in the clip. “Not his girl, but her and ‘Pac had something together. They was fuck buddies. It’s fucked up to say this, but we’re gonna keep it real. A lot of muthafuckas — and I don’t want to kill nobody’s game or nothing — but a lot of muthafuckas, you got one bitch that you know that don’t give a fuck who you with and you don’t give a fuck who she with from infinity and into beyond, y’all fuckin. Period. And that was ‘Pac and Faith.”

Spice 1 reiterated 2Pac and Evans had nothing more than a physical relationship and insinuated that Biggie’s friends tried to stop him from going out with her.

“They wasn’t in love and all of that old shit like that, but they fuckin’. Period,” he continued. “That’s gonna happen. And Biggie fell in love with Faith. We all fall in love; it’s not a fault of anyone. It happens. Bad bitch, you start liking her al lot. You fall in love. Nothing wrong with that.

“Muthafuckas try to tell you, ‘Hey, that ain’t the bitch to fuck with.’ Love is blind all the time. Everybody does this shit. We’ve all been fucked over one way or the other.”

‘” Pac was the hottest thing back then,” Napoleon said. “He built a lot of good relationship where people that weren’t even involved in the music industry had a lot of respect for ‘Pac and would go up there and visit him.”

Faith Evans and 2Pac’s alleged affair was included in the Tupac’s single ‘Hit Em Up’ You claim to be a player/But I fucked your wife.”

However, But in her 2009 book, Evans denied she was ever in a sexual relationship with Shakur.

In an interview with VladTV in 2014, Evans explained more about it, and admitted that 2Pac offered her a sexual proposal when she went to the studio to record her single of All Eyez On Me in 1996.

Evans was married to the Ready To Die rapper from 1994-1997.

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