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Former WNBA Champion Tiffany Bias spent two years away from the WNBA, but during the offseason, The New York Liberty signed her to a training camp contract on April 18.  Bias was able to make it through training camp and landed a roster with the Liberty on May 23.  This season she averaged 2.1 points and 8.5 minutes per game. She scored her season nine points in 18 minutes against the Las Vegas Aces on June 14. On July 8, 2019, the New York Liberty decided to waive Bias.

Tiffany’s former coach Katie Smith had nothing but high praise for her when I spoke to Smith a couple of weeks ago.

“She is excellent, and we were really lucky to have her in camp and then have her stick around to be apart of our team. She is somebody that has a great work ethic, great teammate, can shoot the ball and can guard anybody in the gym. I have always liked her game in the past, and like said, and we were so lucky to have her, said Smith.”

Smith was not the only person to sing Bias’ praises, Dallas Mavericks assistant God Shamgod thinks that Tiffany should be playing on someone’s roster this season. Both Bias and Shammgod have been chatting about working together this summer to help her for her national team and if she signs with another franchise.

“I think she should be playing in the WNBA. She works hard, she is a good player, and she knows the game. She should still be playing in the WNBA, and hopefully next season everyone will see that. She needs to work on getting more aggressive and shots up. She is a great player, and I think it will show next season,” said Shammgod.

Tiffany Bias recently spoke to The Hype Magazine and discussed how the WNBA could capitalize on more marketing opportunities. She also touched on how important mental health and how it affects professional athletes off the court.

I spoke with Donovan McNabb and Matt Hasselbeck they both shared with me if approached they would consider purchasing pieces of WNBA franchises. What are your thoughts on that, and how would grow the league?

I think that would be huge and change a lot and a lot more females would take in a count of staying and growing a brand. There also females that love playing overseas as well, but for us, that would like to grow their brands and do other things outside of basketball. Actually, doing it while were are playing basketball it would be huge and really show a different side of women’s basketball. I feel a lot of people don’t know what WNBA players do in their free time because we are not here the whole year.

Do you think accessibility would help WNBA promote their brands and grow the league?

Yeah, of course, I feel once people know that someone is more personable, more fans can relate to that person.  I think that will open things up for a marketing standpoint too, and it is just great to see people outside the court that is investing in women’s basketball, and it would attract more brands that want to be involved in the WNBA. Just by being able to see players outside the character that is portrayed on the court.

You were recently released from the New York Liberty and now are a free agent. Where do you feel your style of play would fit for teams looking to add a point guard to their team?

Somewhere like Seattle or Los Angeles, but anywhere they are defensive-oriented, athletic that likes to push the tempo.

Do you plan on working with God Shammgod to keep you ready in case someone is looking for a point guard?

We have talked about working out, and we are going to get into the gym to see areas I can improve in.  We will work on something and see where I need to get better at and what I need to focus on to get ready for my national team in Thailand. So, yeah, we have been talking about improving my game, and I am excited about that. I am also, thankful for him too.

You had the opportunity to play for Katie Smith during your time with the Liberty. What did you learn the most from her that helped your game this year?

Just play and don’t overthink about x’s and o’s. I believe Katie helped me get my confidence back, and she is one of those player’s coaches.  She is one of the all-time greats, and she let you play free. I love Katie, and all I can say is thank because a lot of people know I was out of the league for two seasons, Katie saw me and gave me another opportunity.  She believed in my game and helped me rebuild my confidence up to keep playing.

While in New York, you had the opportunity to be around Teresa Weatherspoon. Can you tell us how she was able to inspire your game at the guard position?

I mean she is “T Spoon,” who doesn’t love her. I like the fact that I had the opportunity to work with her while I was in New York. I learned a lot from her working with her before and after practice. She knows what she is talking about and had helped my game tremendously in the short time I was in New York. So, she is dope and congrats to her on making the Hall of Fame this year.

Cappie Pondexter decided to call it a career before the season. Can you tell us what the game will miss with her deciding to call it a career?

Cappie is one of the All-time greats just watching her play growing up. Her pride, passion, and it crazy how some many players from my generation took things from her game because she is an inspiring guard. She always had a chip on her shoulder to fuel her to play hard all the time, but she was an influencer. On and off the court and she left her mark on the women’s game. It is sad to see someone that can still play in this league retire, but everyone knows when it’s their time, and they feel like they have given it all to the game. We will miss Cap and what she brings to the game of basketball.

You won a championship at a young age with the Phoenix Mercury in 2014. How motivating is it to get back to that position?

Of course, I always want to be in a championship position, and now I know what it takes to get to that point. I want to get back to that point and win another ring, and the formula for success is to get to that point and find a team that has the right pieces.  I feel once you win one you want to win another one. There is a lot more that I can give to this game.

You are model in your free time, is there any collaboration we can expect this year?

I am coming out with a clothing line. So, I am super excited about that, and I’m into fitness modeling, while I’m in Thailand, I will be focusing on the Asian market. However, my focus is on basketball because it is my first love.

You and Marcus Smart is a close friend of yours, and he is entering his 5h season out of OSU. Where would you like to see his game improve headed into next season?

Maybe be more consistent with the three-ball, but other than that I have nothing but praise for Marcus Smart. He does all the little things, but you don’t have to live by the three-ball.

What are you excited the most to see next season in the NBA?

I’m excited to see the Clippers, the Rockets, and the Lakers. I want to see how all these star players can mesh together this upcoming season. That’s the big test you can always get the best talent but are they cohesive enough to be on the same team. So, I am looking forward to what the Warriors comeback with there is going to be a different look this year without Kevin Durant. When teams shake things up like that, it is exciting to see what next season will bring.

Who do you think will come out the Western Conference and who will come out the Eastern Conference?

The Connecticut Sun look good right now and have terrific chemistry, but so does Washington. So, I think one of those two will represent the East this year. I also think Vegas has a great shot to come out of the West this year.

Why is it essential for Public figures like yourself to speak about mental health?

I think it is enormous! Mental health is significant; I feel in everyone’s life, especially from a professional athlete. I don’t think people realize how mental health is an issue. How much these sports affects you off the court, and it is essential to make sure you acknowledge it when you feel off, or something feels off, and they address it. Things happen, and they turn to other ways to cope with it, and I think it needs to be talked about more.

Originally posted on The Hype Magazine.

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Written by Landon Buford

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