Those Dudes From Seattle Are Natural, Says Kevin Durant After Kevin Porter Jr’s 50 and 11

(Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)

Last night Seattle native Kevin Porter Jr, dropped 50 points to go long with 11 assists on Thursday night, on his way to becoming the youngest player ever to score 50-point, and a double-double with assists.

Porter led the Rockets to a 143-136 victory against the Milwaukee Bucks.

“After I saw the third 3 go down, I knew it was going to be a special night,” Porter said. “It was all up to me. I just stayed aggressive, and it was a good night.”

Porter did most of his damage against defensive specialist Jrue Holiday, and on Friday afternoon, Porter was Instagram Live with Kenyon Martin Jr. During his live according to Official NBA Buzz Porter referenced his game against Holiday.

” You See Jrue? I was sliding his a** all around the f***ing court, said Porter.

Porter’s mentor Jamal Crawford reached out on Twitter and welcome to 50 point club.

“Welcome to the 50 club brother. I see you @Kevinporterjr !”樂威壯 972059301433348?s=20

On Friday, Nets forward Kevin Durant was on Twitter Spaces in the Broadroom Space, and was asked about Porter’s game.

“Oh, what you mean, did you what he did last night, he is going to stick off of that,” said Kevin Durant.

“It is ridiculous how good he is, he is natural. But, it seems like a lot of those dudes from Seattle are just natural. Like they dribble the ball from when they get up until they go to sleep. I played 2K with dog during the pandemic, he talks that s***. After that game you can flex your stuff, you had 50 and 11. Go ahead and do your thing”

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Written by Landon Buford

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