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The Stephen A. Smith and Jason Whitlock Feud: Unveiling the Layers Beyond the Rant

The feud between Stephen A. Smith and Jason Whitlock has taken an explosive turn, with Smith’s recent 40-minute takedown on his podcast, “The Stephen A. Smith Show.” This heated exchange has roots in longstanding behind-the-scenes tensions, escalating into a public spectacle fueled by criticism of Smith’s new book. Let’s delve deeper into the layers of this feud, exploring the history, personal anecdotes, and the perspectives of those observing from the sidelines.

A Public Rant and Personal History:

Smith’s podcast served as the battleground for his verbal assault on Whitlock, responding to the latter’s critique of Smith’s memoir. The intensity of Smith’s words goes beyond a typical disagreement, revealing a personal history marred by disdain and mistrust. The revelation that Smith insisted on a contractual clause to avoid working with Whitlock sheds light on the depth of their animosity.

Expletives, Accusations, and Controversial Statements:

In the heat of the moment, Smith didn’t hold back, unleashing a torrent of expletives and controversial statements against Whitlock. He labeled Whitlock as the “worst human being” and a “devil,” making it clear that their relationship is far from amicable. Accusations of lies, incrimination, and attempts to sabotage others added a layer of complexity to this already intense feud.

Behind-the-Scenes Insights:

Amidst the verbal sparring, a former NBA player shared insights with, shedding light on the broader dynamics at play. It appears that the animosity towards Whitlock extends beyond Smith, involving producers, behind-the-scenes personnel, and other media personalities. The focus shifts from personal dislike to a collective sentiment against Whitlock, bringing the question of whether this is a solo battle or part of a larger narrative within the industry.

“Listen! It’s not about Stephen A. calling Jason Whitlock a fat bastard. Talking about the producers, the people behind the scenes, the acts of Jemele Hill, Michael Smith, Dan Le Batard, and a host of others. They just don’t like Jason Whitlock, that’s not the issue, Stephen A. went on social media to let the world come listen to him rant – what happened?, said the Player.

“Stephen A. went on a show that he owns, did he have his former high school teammates on his show? Is his high school coach or assistant coaches still living? Did they come on his show? Did the people down in Winston-Salem that he donated money to? He couldn’t get those guys to verify his 17 shots in a row. That’s the issue there was no bullying going on.”

He added, “The bottom line is the man said he did play a game, but he averaged 1.5 points, then he said he didn’t play any games but then when you look at the history books, the man played in nine games which one is it? That still must be answered, or Stephen A. is fraudulent. Jason Whitlock when it comes to this issue, he is 100% right!”

The Inconsistencies in Whitlock’s Narrative:

Another dimension of this feud revolves around Whitlock’s claims about his basketball career, specifically the conflicting statements regarding points scored and the number of games played. A call for clarity on these inconsistencies emerges, with implications of fraudulence if left unanswered. The stakes are high, as Smith insists on resolution to maintain the integrity of his own credibility.

Celebration and Roast: Stephen A. Smith’s Presence at Rob Parker’s Party:

Amidst the chaos, reports emerge of Stephen A. Smith being a featured guest at Rob Parker’s 60th birthday party in Las Vegas. The atmosphere at the party, including a roast hosted by Nick Creegan and Rodney Pete, adds a social layer to this ongoing saga. Observations about Smith’s demeanor at the party, complete with bodyguards, evoke comparisons to a larger-than-life figure navigating a complex social landscape.


The Stephen A. Smith and Jason Whitlock feud transcends typical disagreements in the world of media personalities. Beyond the public rant and expletives lies a complex history, personal anecdotes, and behind-the-scenes dynamics. As the industry watches this drama unfold, the unanswered questions about basketball records and the collective sentiment against Whitlock add layers to an already intricate narrative. The resolution, if any, remains uncertain, leaving the industry and fans alike intrigued and eager for the next chapter in this ongoing saga.

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Written by Landon Buford

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