Hornets’ Restricted Free Agent Miles Bridges Reacts To Viral Photo Of Purple Drank In His Cup

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On Monday night, Hornets restricted Free Agent Miles Bridges posted a photo on Instagram of him holding a cup with a purple drank inside. Of course, the internet exploded with their reacts with many think it was lean.

Of course once the picture started circulating around the internet word got back to Bridges and he address the photo by saying it was pink lemonade in a tweet.

Unfortunately, for Bridges, this is not the time to be posting content on his Instagram that could land him in hot water with the NBA and Adam Silver. Of course, the fans did not believe his explanation and numerous people including Twitter JustinShoc referenced his potential money.

“And this is how you fumble a BAG!!!!! Good job miles way to go you f***ing dumbass lmaooo. With the blunt in the hand for good measure hahahaha.”–dLMOjfNxYBEHQ

According to, Bridges is a restricted free agent and signing a four-year deal worth $16,317,853, and during the 2022-23 season, Bridges will earn a base salary of $7,921,301 while carrying a cap hit of $16,264,479. However, things could potentially change if he signs with another team and they put a poison pill sort of speak in their contract offer, and Bridges signs the request. Furthermore, the Hornets can match any offer from an opposing team.

Last season for the Hornets, Bridges averaged 20.2 points, 7.0 rebounds, and 3.8 assists while shooting 49.1 percent per game.

Lets see what Stephen A Smith has to say tomorrow on First Take, if this is a topic of discussion.

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