Stephen A. Smith Sounds Off- On Shaq Violating Him Recently [Watch]


During his time in the NBA, Shaquille O’Neal was known to wrinkle a couple of feathers with his jokes. His latest antics have brought one of today’s greatest television animators to follow him.

Shaquille O’Neal’s been bald for a long time. However, he has launched a new look at “TNT Inside the NBA.” This unique hairstyle included a fade with the hairline just a little further than normal.

After seeing this new look, Stephen A. Smith called the NBA Hall of Famer to tease him. He also assured that he was going to get revenge on Shaq at some point.

“You know what you b*stard, you’re a b*stard Shaq.”

“I’m gonna get you. I don’t know how yet, I don’t know how yet. Maybe it’s the fact that you’re a bit overweight these days.”

This saga began on Tuesday night before TNT released the OKC Thunder vs. Miami Heat. During the introductions, the legendary Los Angeles Laker decided to make a difference by laughing.

According to the show, Shaq walked into the building tonight wearing his new look. Before being presented as he should, he asked to be called “Stephen A. Shaq.” The camera zoomed in on his new hair enhancement.

While he may have laughed at Stephen A.’s expense, Shaquille O’Neal made sure to send a warm message at the end.

“Shoutout to my main man Stephen A.”

Speaking of Shaq, he recently made a bet with Ernie Johnson Jr, that if the TCU Horn Frogs lost to Georgia Bulldogs, he would have to eat frogs. Well Georgia beat TCU 65-7.

Shaq was a man of his word and ate the frogs fried.

What do you think?

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