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The Spice King, Keith Lorren Discusses Coming 2 America Spice Collection

Last week, ‘Coming 2 America,’ after 33 years, finally made its long-awaited debut on March 4, 2021, distributed through Amazon Prime. According to Deadline’s Anthony D’Alessandro, the film set a streaming record for most streams in a weekend during the pandemic.

“The Zamunda Royal family has arrived, and audiences around the globe welcomed them enthusiastically! The premiere of Coming 2 America has far exceeded any of our wildest expectations,” said Jennifer Salke, Head of Amazon Studios.

“It’s clear an [entirely] new generation of fans have joined the enormous loyal fan base who already adored the magical world created by global Phenom Eddie Murphy, the incredibly talented filmmaking team, and the hilarious, all-star cast of existing and newly-cemented legends. Coming 2 America is the perfect fun, celebratory, escapist, feel-good comedy movie that worldwide audiences needed.”

“I am a vital component, advocate, and enthusiast of food from the black or African diaspora and his influence over the world. And with major best-selling movie history with pictures like Black Panther and now Coming 2 American, I would be remiss as the Spice King if I didn’t offer a way for people to taste this culture. That is now being presented to the world in movie form,” said Loren.

“So, I took it upon myself to create my interpretation of those flavors of African infusion flavors and put them in bottle form. So, people can watch the movie, maybe entertained, and prepare food at home especially during Covid.”

According to Lorren, if you would like to purchase the spices, you can find them exclusively on If you are instead and buying other Spice King flavors, you can find them at Walmart, Stop N Go, and Big Y World.

“I wanted to create another way that people could consume the movie through their pallets. So, when you use the Spice of Zamunda, you will be transferred instantly into a world of mysticism, wealth, and great feelings. It just so happens that this feeling around the dinner table. So, when you cook with the Spice of Zamunda, you will be tasting so many Afr犀利士 ican flavors like turmeric, ginger, chili pepper, and cinnamon. So, when you are making your stews whether it’s vegetables, chicken, or seafoods. It gives you a tantalizing experience because you were able to taste the top note, mid note, and ending notes from someone, who crafts artism food products.”

He would continue:

“Our burger spice if you love juicy, meaty, savory burgers this is the perfect spice for you because it is made with a kosher sea salt and then smoke over coal, oak, and flamed broiled. Then it is paired with savory mushrooms and a prime rib essence. So, when you taste it leaves your month watering. You can also put it on vegetables and any type of beef. It also has coffee in it.”

Keith Lorren would finish by sharing that they will continue to help share these African based films by creating products to tell its stories through spices.

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Written by Landon Buford

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