The California-based artist Danny Ali released his newest song, “Season 134”

“Season 134” is a short song that lasts just over a minute. It is alluring, filled with jaw-dropping euphony, and has an upbeat rap flow.

Danny Ali’s vocal complexity and rap flow are exceptional and worthy of mention. While he maintains sweet-to-the-ear singing, Danny is a very versatile artist who always shows his laid-back singing and hip-up vibes in all his songs. On “samurai,” he is a very energetic singer, and his style of music is worthy of mention.

“Season 134” is filled with a bass-laden vibe and the smoothness of alternative hip-hop style. It gives you a sweet feeling and makes you vibe to the beats without knowing.

The experienced talent of Danny Ali has blessed us over again with a special that is worthy of our mention; we had to feature him on our blog.

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Written by LandonBuford Staff

The official music writer on Landon Buford.

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