The Award-Winning Hatchback Director Lynelle White Needs Your Help After Being Awarded $25K Grant Reduced To $15K

Courtesy of Hatchback

Due to job losses in early 2020 caused by the pandemic, an African-American family of four lives in their hatchback car until the next payday. The family dreams about a single night in a motel. But every day that passes by, living out of their hatchback vehicle brings new disappointments, pushing that dream increasingly out of reach.

The “Hatchback” director, Lynelle White, elected to write this project because she wanted to tell a story about the experience of a black working family in the early days of the pandemic.

Everyone in America was so quick to “go back to normal” and “move forward” once the vaccine was introduced that stories like this were wiped out. Furthermore, while the media focus heavily on the white working class, they often forget that this country has a robust and persistent black working class. Overall, this film will lighten the complexity of the effects of the pandemic on the black working class.

The Award-winning project was awarded a $25,000 grant from a production company promoting its support to BIPOC filmmakers. It was cut by $15,000 without notice after all other award-winning films were funded, according to Dr. Anita M. Cal.

“We won’t fold; we will raise it ourselves. I’m helping raise the money so a talented filmmaker of color can tell her story. HATCHBACK is a wonderful film about an African-American family of four living out their hatchback car as a result of job losses during the pandemic,” Cal wrote on Facebook.

“They dream of just one night in a motel, but each day on the streets of Los Angeles brings new disappointments. #hatchback is helmed by a phenomenal female Director of Color, Lynelle White, who is also an incredible TV/Film Writer (Black Lightening, Army Wives) who graduated from West Point and served as a fighter jet refueling pilot in Afghanistan! We’ve raised almost 9K of our $15K goal.”

She added, “Of course, I’m not only Producing but have contributed to this wonderful story myself. Any help is much appreciated! If you can’t donate, please share. Thank you!”

Fine, you want to donate to help them reach their goal; here is the link.

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