Talking Boxing With Canelo Alvarez’s Trainer Eddy Reynoso

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Eddy Reynoso is one of the most sought out after trainers in professional boxing. According to the Los Angeles Times, Reynoso has been tutored by his father Chepo Reynoso in terms of boxing. The younger Reynoso has picked some serious momentum and build a name for himself. Since the days of fans and media member scratching their head of how he was able to land a talented fighter like Canelo Alvarez.

Over the years, Alvarez has remained loyal to the trainers that he started with in Mexico instead of jumping ship for a high profile name.

Reynoso was the mastermind of the game plan that was responsible for giving the undefeated middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin at the time his first loss. This past September after the announcement that HBO was dropping its boxing coverage, streaming company DAZN offered Canelo Alvarez a monstrous deal of $365-million deal for 11 fights.

This particular deal started on December 15 of last year, which saw Alvarez defeat super-middleweight champion, Rocky Fielding, in the basketball Mecca and the most famous area in the world Madison Square Garden. Alvarez would win his third belt in his weight class.

With his success with Alvarez, Reynoso has been able to pick other clients such as Oscar Valdez, Ryan Garcia, and Bilal Akkawy.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Eddy Reynoso about some of the upcoming fights that he would like his clients to participate in the future. In addition, he also talks branding as he is looking to push his new gloves “No Boxing No Life.” This is the glove that was featured on Canelo Alvarez hands in his last fight against Fielding. The gloves have been approved by the commission in both Nevada and New York.

Courtesy of No Boxing No Life

You are trainer Canelo Alvarez, Oscar Valdez, and Ryan Garcia. When you are in training camp with each of these fighters, do you have to use different training methods because they are in different weight classes?

Yes indeed, each fighter has their own unique skill set and their body structure is different. As well as their capacity. They have to adapt to a different style.

How has Alvarez mega-deal with DAZN changed the environment with your training camps?

It did in a positive way. This made us work harder and push harder. So we can be ready for whatever challenge comes our way.

Does the team feel there is more pressure to perform well more than in the past?

No, we prepare accordingly to the opponent and take one fight at a time maintaining a high level of discipline

In the past, you have been on the record stating that you consider crowning achievement is the entirety of Canelo Alvarez career. As someone that has been by his side for over a decade can you describe what it has been like to see him grow over the years?

Seeing Saul evolutions as a fighter and individual through out the Years has been amazing for me. He likes to learn and put in the work to be where he’s at.

How do you think Jermall Charlo would fare against Canelo and do you see him moving up another weight class?

I believe it will be hard, but Canelo is ready for any challenge and I’m confident that he will be victorious at the end.

Who are the three individuals you would like to see your fighters compete against next moving forward?

Canelo – Floyd Mayweather

Ryan Garcia – Jermonte Davis

Oscar Valdez – Leo Santa Cruz

Bilal Akkawy – Callum Smith

What are some of your business interest outside of boxing?

Boxing Promotions, Branding, and many things within the boxing world.

Can you see Canelo surpass Floyd in popularity?

We are on a good path and our mission is to be a great athlete on top of the ring and out of the ring. We want to show the next generation to fight for their dreams.



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Written by Landon Buford

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