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T-Pain Leann Rimes, And Wayne Brady Amongst The Masked Singer’s Nicole Scherzinger Favorite Performances

On Wednesday evening, season six of The Masked Singer premiered on FOX. Unfortunately, one of the most energetic artists of the evening also felt the sting of being eliminated! Despite an amusing performance and a great costume, The Octopus has been eliminated and made to unmask!

Before the votes were cast, The Octopus delivered an animated interpretation of Little Richard’s “Tutti Frutti” that impressed the panel of Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger, and Robin Thicke, and got the audience on their feet.

Unfortunately for this act, the opening night would be their last night to perform. So once the judges picked who The Octopus might be, Nicole Scherzinger guessed Shaquille O’Neal, while Ken Jeong guessed right as he named Dwight Howard.

After being eliminated, the future Hall of Famer spoke with Entertainment Tonight and said he enjoyed himself.

“I really enjoyed myself, regardless of what the outcome was. I learned a lot about myself and it gave me so much confidence,” he said. “I’m glad I did it, I’m glad they asked me to come. I wouldn’t have turned that down for anything.”

Speaking of Scherzinger, she was on Clubhouse earlier this week in the Tech Talk room hosted by Queens Gaming Collective’s, Co-Founder and CEO, Alisa Jacobs, and Popsugar’s Deputy Editor, Lindsay Miller.

She was asked what moment from past seasons stuck with her.

“Something that always stuck with me and resonated was when T-Pain sang Sam Smith’s song Stay.

You were looking at this one-eyed hairy monster. And it is just beautiful because of the humanity, vibration, the heart, and the connection through the music that brought me to tears,” said Scherzinger.

“I think that is so beautiful; our show is that when you are in a world where you are judged so easily, and people have so many stereotypes about you. So it is beautiful for a lot of these celebrities to get in costume and say F it, this is who I am, and this is my heart, soul, and spirit through music and performance, and I am going to do it my way now. I love the stories of many people who come on our show.

I feel like everybody is the same, we all think we are different, but we connect not through our beauties but our flaws. So, I think the T-Pain performance was awesome. I thought Leann Rimes when she was The Sun song When the Party is Over by Billie Eilish was hauntingly was beautiful, and I am so happy she came on the show because you are reminded of the talent of these people.”

She continued, “Even with Nick [Lachey] we see him on tv all the time and then you are like oh my God, his voice is amazing and his range. He is so talented. Tyrese sang “All of Me, he made my heart melt, and I really loved it when Bow Wow sang ‘Whatever It Takes.” I really like it when a performer has teeth and balls. I always call it teeth and balls, which means they are willing to give everything and leaving everything out there. We had so many unbelievable performers like Wayne Brady, and some many people on our show, who got a lot of teeth and balls.”

The Masked Singer can be seen on FOX at 8:00 CST-9:00 p.m. EST on Wednesday nights.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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