Super Bowl Champion Patrick Mahomes Sounds Off On LeBron James Passing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

On January 25, 2022, LeBron James made history by becoming the all-time leading scorer in NBA history. This achievement was met with widespread applause and admiration from fans and players alike, including Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Mahomes, a known fan of James, took to Twitter to express his excitement and congratulations. In his tweet, he wrote, ” Congrats!!!@KingJames legendary stuff!!”

This tweet highlights the mutual respect that exists between these two star athletes. James and Mahomes are both considered to be at the top of their respective sports, and both have had tremendous success at a young age.

James has been in the league for 20 seasons and has won four MVP awards, four NBA championships, and two Olympic gold medals. Mahomes, on the other hand, has only been in the NFL for five seasons, but in that time, he has already won a Super Bowl, a league MVP award, and has been selected to the Pro Bowl three times.

It is clear that both James and Mahomes have a deep appreciation for each other’s accomplishments and the hard work that goes into achieving them. Their reactions to each other’s success serve as a reminder of the impact that these athletes have on not only their respective sports, but on each other and the world as a whole.

In conclusion, Patrick Mahomes’ reaction to LeBron James becoming the all-time leading scorer in the NBA is a testament to the respect and admiration that exists between these two star athletes. Their success and impact on their respective sports will continue to inspire future generations of athletes and fans alike.

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