Super Bowl Champion Antonio Brown Continues To Troll The Internet With Latest Photo

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Antonio Brown may still be wanted by the Tampa PD, “Brown allegedly offered for the kids to go back into the house (not their mother) but the ABC Tampa Affiliate claims that the kids told police they were scared to go back inside with their dad in his alleged mood, according to CBS’ Amy Dash.

The police department says right now that this remains an “Active investigation” and Brown is “Wanted.” Tampa PD says: “There have been multiple attempts to take Brown into custody” but “To protect the integrity” of the investigation it won’t release more info right now

but he took the time to post on one of his various social network sites a photo that set the Internet on fire because of who he is with her.

Turns out on Snapchat, Brown posted a picture of him being photographed under the sheets of a bed with a woman. But the woman is blonde and although you can not see her full face, she looks a lot like Tom Brady’s ex-wife, Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen.

Immediately the photo was filled with comments related to the photo, as the similarity of the woman who appears there with Bündchen is enough. Everybody wonders: Gisele is in bed with Antonio Brown?

One user wrote: “It’s insane if that’s who I think it is.” Another posted: “It’s literally Megan,” referring to Megan Eugenio, a Tik Tok celebrity who has already denied it’s her.

“I can’t believe I have to say this, but that’s not me,” according to TMZ.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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