Antonio Brown Reveals What He & Tom Brady Have In Common

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On Friday Morning Antonio Brown was on Clubhouse in the Tapped In Daily room hosted by Kazeem Famuyide and Ashley Nicole Moss. During their chat, the former Buccaneers’ wide receiver told his side of the situation. Brown also revealed what he has in common with his former teammate Tom Brady.

“You can’t really expect anyone to be your friend in the business of football. The game is football, but our business is winning. Me and Tom Brady have something in common with winners. We like winning, we like to compete, we like to be the best, so we got that in common. That is what makes me want to be around him. That makes us want to play together, which makes us gel,” said Brown.

“That brings out the greatness, but to say someone is my friend, I’m out here getting prove it type contracts where they got me trying to earn a million dollars to make some type of catches. So, to say you are my friend, I should not be playing under those types of deals. When I just came to you and won a Super Bowl, so I think people liked to be around me, but they didn’t see my value in that regard if you check the stats in the history in which we get paid and what we go about the work and the intangibles. So, I think I deserve more than to be thinking about earning money instead of worrying about winning another Super Bowl.”

This comes on the heels of Brown’s interview with Full Send Podcast, where Brown questions why Rob Gronkowski has a better contract.

“If Tom Brady is my boy why am I playing for an earnest salary? Gronkowski is his boy, right? How much did he get paid? So why is AB on a prove-it deal? Who’s better than me over there?”

However, to Tom Brady’s defense, he is not the General Manager of the Bucs that’s Jason Licht determines player salaries, which he negotiates with players’ agents. So, the incentive-based contract Brown is referring to was arranged by his agent Ed Wasielewski.

Wasielewski asked Tampa Bay to guarantee $2 million in contract incentives, according to the Daily Mail. But, before the sideline incident at Metlife Stadium in New Jersey, the Bucs refused to do so.

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Written by Landon Buford

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