Singer Monica, Landon Romano, & Tiffany Cabán React To Federal Way Officer Breanna Straus’s Punishment Following Viral Video


A Federal Way officer who posted a controversial TikTok video earlier this year was suspended after the ministry observed two driving violations, according to the Federal Way Police Department (FWPD).

Officer Breanna Straus is seen sitting in a uniformed car in the video. Straus called for people to get out of the way when the police are behind them.

“If we’re driving on the freeway in our police car, get the f*** out of the way,” she says in the TikTok video. “I can go 90 miles an hour, you can’t. You can’t do that. So get the f*** out of the way. If us officers stay behind you long enough, we can find a reason to pull you over.”

The video was first obtained and published by KIRO 7, which censored Straus’s expletives. In the original video that the Mirror requested of the department, the officer’s expletives are not censored.

The Department determined that Straus violated the FWPD Code of Conduct in two areas: conduct on social media and personal conduct. Upon Police Chief Andy Hwang’s decision, Straus received a 10-hour unpaid suspension for the offences, according to police records. A 10-hour suspension is referred to as a shift.

After the punishment was handed down, the public reacted to the news, including singer Monica Denise, New York City Council member Tiffany Tiffany Cabán, and Instagram star Landon Romano.

“We already knew this; enjoy vacation, princess!” Monica said in the comment section of Hollywood Unlocked on Instagram.

Romano added, “What ever happened to hello how are you my name is..”

“If I follow behind you long enough, I can find a reason to pull you over. So if I’m driving behind you just get the fuck out of my way.” Policing culture in a nutshell, said Cabán.

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