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Since the COVID-19 pandemic has spread throughout the world, every industry, including the entertainment and sports industries. Both entities are currently in limbo and don’t know what will happen next. Professional sports leagues are currently exploring ideas of how they will be resuming their seasons in the case of the NBA and NHL, and as for the NFL, MLB and WNBA are trying to navigate when theirs might begin. As for the entertainment business, they don’t have the option of not having fans in the stands like the sports industry is pushing for, along with securing a specific location to resume play.

They have only a couple of places where they can film movies and television with Los Angeles stay at home order slated to be in place for the next three months. New York is slowing opening back up, but for now, that’s not going to allow production to resume, and Atlanta is also an option with Tyler Perry’s studio. Still, he doesn’t plan one resume production until July, according to People Magazine, with proper precautions.

Actress and singer Simonna was planning on releasing some new music and dropping music videos to go along with some of the singles. However, since the city of Los Angeles is locked down, she has decided not to release anything as of yet. She was also involved with some projects with CBS, which have also been put on hold for the time being.

She recently spoke with The Hype Magazine about recently receiving an exclusive gift from McDonald’s and her obsession with ZoCal ice cream.

1. You recently collaborated with McDonald’s, and they sent you limited edition shoes. Can you share with us how that partnership came about?

This was one of the most unusual partnerships of mine. I am so honored because McDonald’s is one of the world’s biggest and well-known brands.

I was so surprised when I received an email from McDonald’s team said that they saw my Instagram and that they would love to send me something exclusive. I am very honored because they made only 12 pairs of those incredible shoes for exclusive collaborations, and I am one of those few individuals to receive it.  I also received a McDonald’s membership card and meals, and it’s a huge honor to be recognized by this brand. I am a huge McDonald’s fan. 

2. Is there anything that we should look out for between McDonald’s and yourself?

Never say never 🙂 I am the biggest fan of their collections and the awesome things they have, the menu is incredible and ah, the McFlurry 🙂 it’s my addiction 🙂 You never know, I might collaborate with them more.

Courtesy of Simonna

3. You also recently started a podcast, can you share with us what inspired you to start it?

I started my podcast in September 2019, so it’s been a while.

I had my own radio show in Europe, so to do a show here in the USA was something I really wanted for a while. And now I have it. It’s very fun! 

4. What are some of the topics that you will be touching on?

It’s actually funny because somehow I’ve always connected with sports. I am a singer and actress and media personality – entertainment is my thing, but I had so many incredible sports partnerships, like with the Lakers. I was invited to their games, and they brought me backstage to meet players and etc. The most memorable memory was when I met Kobe Bryant. I was invited to go to one of his final games. He was the kindest, most amazing person I’ve met in the business.

Then I started working with the LA Clippers, LA Galaxy, and other sports teams. 

Basketball is my favorite. But, I don’t have one team I like – I love all NBA teams. I’m also a fan of the Houston Rockets. They are amazing. So I am very into sports, but more from the entertainment side. I am a big sports fan; however, I don’t work out or do sports myself. But this is how the podcast started.  I was talking to the radio team, and they asked me what type of show I would want to do. I said that I am an entertainer, but I’m also connected to sports from this entertainment side. So, I made a show about sports and entertainment, that does not focus on statistics, or the games themselves.  But more on what’s happening in the personal lives of athletes and entertainers. 

5. During the quarantine process, have you been able to make any more music, and if so, when can we expect it to be released?

Yes, I have around seven new unreleased songs that will be coming up soon. It’s on my schedule. I am also starting to work on a new amazing music video! So stay tuned! EVERY TIME YOU NEED ME:  is my most music video with “Harry Potter” movie star Devon Murray, who I was dating at that time when I was filming this music video, so he starred in it too. But yes, I have new music videos in my plans. So, it’s one of the latest projects that I started to work on.

6. Are there any artists that you have been working with on the project?

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The songs are done, but I don’t when I am releasing them. I was planning to shoot music videos to go along with them, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic it everything on hold for now. As for collaborations, I will do a few with some artists in the future. I have plans to release four new songs soon, and  I might have some guest stars in my music videos. 

7. You are also an actress are there any other projects that you will be featured in this year?

I just finished shooting a crime/drama called ‘CHAAW’ by director Eric Orr, right before the quarantine started.

I spent my birthday in December on set in Philadelphia shooting this movie, and then I had to go back at the end of January to shoot more scenes. The movie director mentioned that I might need to go back to Philadelphia one more time to do some more scenes – which I would really want to do. I love Philadelphia so much. It’s so awesome there, people are friendly and welcoming, and during this movie, I work with the best team. The whole crew was amazing; the sound crew, camera crew, makeup people, and it was just a great atmosphere to be apart of.

I work with Jimmie Walker, Bern Nadette Stanis (CBS sitcom Good Times), Tracy Braxton, on this movie, so it was amazing to be on set with them all.

Some BTS scenes from the movie:

We’ve been shooting in prison! 

I got to wear that famous orange uniform, shoot in a real jail cell, etc. It all was fascinating. I’ll never forget this amazing shoot and the incredible experience on set. 

Some scary moments too, like being “dead.”

Fans have been sending entertaining tweets about my arresting scene sneak peek I showed them, too

I also had to go to Canada in July to shoot a new movie, but all current productions have been postponed until 2021 because of the Coronavirus. It ruined so many plans for me.

8. You have also been eating a lot of Zo Cal Ice Cream as of late. Are there any plans to collaborate with them to possibly release your own flavor?

You know, I love healthy ice cream so much – it’s like my biggest addiction 🙂 especially during the warm season! I don’t eat meat or fish, and I always choose healthy options for my snacks, such as sugar-free gummy candy, air-popped popcorn, and yes – healthy ice cream.

I’m so glad that a lot of brands are making healthy foods for people to snack on.  I really care about my health, and I always try to choose the healthiest snacks I can find. 

So once I found ZoCal and tried it, I just couldn’t believe it! It is healthy, but it is delicious too. Most of the protein/healt犀利士 hy ice cream brands isn’t creamy or rich in flavor. But I literally got addicted to ZoCal, especially their cookies and cream flavor – which is my favorite flavor and alongside from chocolate, everything else I eat. They have so many amazing cookie bites, and it is very creamy, which I like. It reminds me a lot of Ben & Jerry’s, but way healthier. So, you know what this is an excellent idea! I would love to release my own ice cream flavor, just like Jimmy Fallon did with Ben & Jerry’s. The brand and I will definitely be talking about a possible collaboration, and if we do it, we will applause you for this great idea.  

Originally posted on The Hype Magazine.

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