Second Annual NEO International Film Festival on February 19th in Canal Fulton

Photo Credit = NEO International Film Festival

The NEO (Northeastern Ohio) International Film Festival was scheduled to be taken at The Western Theater in Barberton, Ohio back in December. Money changed hands, agreements were signed, and tickets were printed. As the festival date approached, the festival director J. Shepherd was contacted by a business associate and informed that The West Theater had closed down. A frantic venue search ensued… to no avail. The festival date passed and something had to be answered.

Shepherd explains, “We decided to move back to Paolino’s for the second festival.They treated us well at the inaugural event so there was no reason not to, other than we wanted to use a real projection theater.” Shepherd continues, “We have a lot of really great movies again this time and expect an even bigger turnout than last season.”

The venue is holding a 50/50 raffle to benefit the festival and help pay some of the expenses. $8 at the door gets you admission to all the films being screened, an awards ceremony, free popcorn, drink specials, and more.

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Written by Landon Buford

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