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Scandal Actors’ Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn Reunite as “Olitz” Takes D.C. by Storm

The world of politics and drama collided spectacularly as Kerry Washington, known for her iconic portrayal of Olivia Pope, and Tony Goldwyn, who played President Fitzgerald Grant, reunited in a recent video posted on Twitter. The reunion of the beloved “Olitz” duo from Shonda Rhimes’ groundbreaking series “Scandal” has sent fans into a frenzy as the two stars playfully hinted at their return to Washington, D.C.

Fans of “Scandal” were in for a treat when Kerry Washington took to Twitter to share a heartwarming video featuring herself and Tony Goldwyn. In the video, the two actors are seen together, with Washington walking down the hallway and knocks on the door and Goldwyn open then both actors say hi, and embrace each other. The tweet’s caption reads, “Hi D.C.👋🏾 #Olitz is ready for you,” evoking nostalgia for the passionate and complex relationship between their characters in the hit TV series.

“Scandal,” created by the prolific Shonda Rhimes, took television by storm with its thrilling political intrigue and memorable characters. At the center of it all was the magnetic and tumultuous relationship between Olivia Pope, the brilliant crisis manager portrayed by Kerry Washington, and President Fitzgerald Grant, brought to life by Tony Goldwyn. The couple’s ship name, “Olitz,” became a pop culture phenomenon, captivating audiences worldwide.

Kerry Washington’s tweet featuring her reunion with Tony Goldwyn quickly went viral, garnering thousands of likes, retweets, and comments within hours of posting. Fans of “Scandal” flooded the thread with excitement and longing for the beloved characters, while others expressed their delight at seeing the two stars together again.

The video and caption serve as a loving nod to “Scandal” and the enduring legacy it left in television. The show was known for its shocking twists, fast-paced storytelling, and memorable characters, with Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald Grant at the forefront. The “Olitz” pairing remains one of the most iconic couples in TV history, and the video’s release brought back fond memories for longtime fans.

Naturally, the reunion video has led to speculation and hopes among fans. While there has been no official announcement regarding a “Scandal” revival or reunion project, the video has reignited the desire among fans to see more of Olivia Pope and President Grant’s story. Whether this video is a mere reunion or a hint at something more substantial, it has certainly left fans eagerly awaiting any news of a potential return to the political drama and intrigue of “Scandal.”

Kerry Washington’s Twitter video, reuniting with Tony Goldwyn and playfully referencing “Olitz” and their return to D.C., has provided a delightful surprise for fans of “Scandal.” The enduring popularity of the series and its iconic characters is a testament to its impact on television. While the future of “Scandal” remains uncertain, this heartwarming reunion reminds us of the indelible mark left by Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald Grant, and the enduring allure of their love story in the world of politics and drama.

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