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Saints’ Fan Anthony Mackie Violates Atlanta Falcons’ Fan Before The Game In Atlanta [Watch]

The actor and one of the stars of Captain America 4, Anthony Mackie was seen in Atlanta at Mercedes-Benz Stadium wearing his custom-made New Orleans Saints jersey before the game.

One of the Falcons fans was filming himself yelling at Anthony Mackie, saying, “If you are a celebrity and on “The Avengers,” you ain’t welcome. Rise up, baby Anthony Mackie. Show your face if ya going to rep the Saints in Atlanta. We don’t want ya. Rise up baby… Let’s go, Rise up, there he is” said the fan.–A

Mackie responded, “Ay, my man, you’re disappointing your father. He raised you to be better than this. Be a better man; be the best man that you can be. Be a better man; you are disrespecting your father. Your father is sad.”

Falcon Fan: You disrespecting Atlanta.

Mackie: He’s [crying] in his grave.

Falcon Fan: When ya in the A you represent the A.

Mackie: Sir, I’m sorry that your sperm turned out to be this.

Falcon Fan: He’s sorry that he’s an Aint’s fan. Rise up, baby; we don’t want you.

The Hollywood Reporter recently reported that Anthony Mackie and Captain America’s Stars: The New World Order received a warm reception in D23. As they got news that they will be joined by some new and old cast members in the MCU [Marvel Comic Universe].

The Saints went on to beat the Falcons 27-26.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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