Rising Rapper Mali Jo$e Impresses With New EP SUNSEEKER

Hailing from Australia, Mali Jo$e is a rising hip-hop artist who has been going from strength to strength over the past few years. Having built up a lot of momentum after the release of his debut EP, Hours b4 Sunrise, last year, he has been keeping the ball rolling throughout 2022 with a series of releases. And this week he returns with his brand-new EP, SUNSEEKER. The five-track project includes previous single “INTERVENTIONS” with Mick Jenkins and also new single and EP title track “SUNSEEKER”.

Speaking further on the new EP, Mali says, “Whatever light you follow in your life is the sun and the person you are is the seeker. I want the audience to live to my music and feel life as it is and how it could be, not how it shouldn’t be. This capsule of music reflects the journey. There’s no point anymore in saying things to stroke your ego just because you indulge in the genre of hip-hop. Bin asking myself a lot recently what am I saying, how am I saying it and is it even worth saying? I displayed that energy in track three, ‘tranquility’, and track five, ‘STOP BARKING’. This project is a stepping stone.”

It’s fair to say that Mali Jo$e has a lot to offer and will be around for a long time to come if this latest project is anything to go by. Packed with vibey beats and Mali’s dynamic cadence, SUNSEEKER shines the spotlight on an artist that has bags of talent and is a breath of fresh air in the hip-hop scene.

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Written by HotNewMusic

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