Randy Jackson Makes Huge Appearance

Sitting with an icon is always a surreal experience, not just in the sense of it being a great conversational piece, but in how much can be learned from those who have seen the top and have been able to live out their dreams in a huge way.

I recently spoke with Randy Jackson of Zebra. We spoke about everything from an appearance of a Zebra shirt in Cobra Kai to what it was like in the beginning for Zebra. Keep in mind, that my experience was not exclusive to me as you can meet Randy up close and personal as well on 4/7/23 at Factory Records in Dover, New Jersey.

When speaking with Randy, we first started out by talking about Cobra Kai and how amazing it must be to have created this legacy with Zebra that has spanned generations. Randy gave a nod to that and said that it really is a great thing to be able to do what you love and not only do it for your career, but to also have this somewhat of a re-invention of self with newer generations recognizing your band from pop culture. It was something he was very proud of.

We spoke also on the topic of music in general. Music has changed in recent years, but Randy feels that maybe it’s changed for the better in terms of opportunities that artists now have. Randy said that because labels are no longer the big controlling force and that fans make the artists, that a lot of people now have more chances than ever to make it in music. Funny enough, the first band that Randy ever saw was the Beatles.

We laughed a bit and pondered a fantastical tour. Who would Randy bring on tour with him if at all possible? Well, the answer was clear. Randy loves the Beatles and he felt playing a tour with the band in their ultimate limelight would have been something spectacular, and we agree!

What do you think?

Written by Cesar

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