QuannyB x gooddogthedog’s New Single “Swing” Closes Out Their Debut Collab AKASHA

QuannyB and gooddogthedog have teamed up to produce a stunning debut collab album, AKASHA. The final track on the album, “Swing,” is a dark, trap-influenced song that features orchestral and electro elements. The simple yet catchy chorus brings to mind hip hop’s early 2000s golden era, while QuannyB’s rapid-fire bars will transport you back to the Lil Wayne mixtape era.

The song was recorded with two guitars, a bass, a midi keyboard, and a makeshift microphone beside the bed. Despite these humble beginnings, “Swing” is a polished and professional production that perfectly showcases the talents of both artists.

“Swing” is a genre-bending track that seamlessly blends jazz-hop, chill-hop, rap, and conscious hip-hop elements. The moods it evokes are happy, chill, and epic, making it the perfect study or work companion.

QuannyB and gooddogthedog have created something unique with AKASHA, and “Swing” is a fitting end to an incredible debut album. Fans of hip-hop and trap music will surely be blown away by the skill and artistry on display in this track.

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