Quanny B & Gooddogthedog Shared An Impressive Single Track, “Mama”

Quanny B and gooddogthedog’s new single “Mama” is a perfect blend of chill, indie-influenced hip-hop, and live instrumentation that will leave you happy and relaxed. The song is part of their debut album AKASHA, written, recorded, and produced with just two guitars, a bass, a midi keyboard, and a shoddy microphone set up beside the bed in their old New Orleans apartment.

The track starts with an old-school sample that leads into an airy chorus and an introspective, driving verse on the world circa 2020 from QuannyB. The lyrics of “Mama” are deep and meaningful as the rapper reflects on the struggles and challenges of growing up in America.

The song’s overall mood is a combination of happy and chill, making it a perfect addition to your study playlist or as background music while you work. The mix of jazz-hop, chill-hop, and conscious hip-hop is a testament to the musical prowess of Quanny B and gooddogthedog, who have created a unique sound that sets them apart from other artists in the genre.

Overall, “Mama” is a must-listen for anyone who loves hip-hop with a message. With its live instrumentation and introspective lyrics, the track is an epic addition to the AKASHA album and a standout piece of music in the hip-hop world.

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