Power’sTommy Egan, Tasha St. Patrick, 2-Bit, Tameika Washington, And Yasmine St. Patrick All Return In Episode 9 Of Season Three

In episode 9 of Power Book II: Ghost season three, the return of 2-bit adds another layer of complexity to an already intense storyline. Seeking to collect on a debt owed by Tariq, 2-bit demands 100K, citing his ongoing beef with Tariq’s father. However, the situation takes a surprising turn when 2-bit offers to swap cars with Tariq in exchange for information about someone who is after his mother at the safe house.

As it turns out, the person in question is none other than Tommy Egan, a former ally turned enemy of Tariq’s father. Who was last in jail the last time Egan spoke 2-Bit, he was in jail and told Egan about Spanky dropping a body on him to get out. After Blanca Rodriguez questioned him about and he played dumb asked about the blackeye, which she got from Andre Coleman, then he hit here with the piece sign, which turned into a viral meme.

“I remember the last episode I did was with Anthony Hemingway it was 6 season episode15. But and it’s crazy because I don’t really do improv. Like, I wasn’t confident in doing improv, but we w shot a bunch of takes that’s when Monique Gabriela Curnen [Sergeant Blanca Rodriguez] that’s when she had the black eye from remember Dre [Andre Coleman] punched her in the face, and she had the black eye,” said Ferguson.

“So, she came to the jail and asked me some questions and I thought like he we shot the scene a few times then he’s [Anthony Hemingway] like yo just do whatever you feel and then I threw a piece sign. Then that turned into a meme and it’s because of him.”

The revelation sets off a chain of events that culminates in a violent face-off between Tariq, Tasha St. Patrick, and Egan. During the confrontation, Tariq is knocked unconscious and ends up in the hospital, while Tasha goes missing.

The return of 2-bit and the unexpected arrival of Tommy Egan adds a new dimension of danger to the already complex world of Power. As the characters continue to navigate these dangerous waters, they are forced to confront their past mistakes and alliances in order to protect themselves and their loved ones. With Tasha’s whereabouts still unknown, the stakes have never been higher for the characters involved.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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