Power’s Tariq St. Patrick Catches Another Body This Time It’s Brooklyn’s Russian Connect, Not Brayden Weston Like Cane Order Him To


Power Book II: Ghost is a spinoff series of the popular TV show Power, and it follows the story of Tariq St. Patrick as he tries to navigate the dangerous world of drug dealing and organized crime while attending college. In the latest episode, Cane Tejada, the son of the drug lord Monet Tejada, orders Brayden Weston to kill the Russian connect in Brooklyn. This comes after Dru Tejada, Cane’s younger brother, did Brayden a favor by killing Nick, who was a trainer at Weston Holding, but was secretly involved in drug dealing.

However, when the time comes for Brayden to carry out the hit, he freezes and is unable to pull the trigger. Tariq St. Patrick, who has been working with Brayden, steps in and takes the kill shot to save his friend. The two of them along with Effie then flee to an Italian restaurant to get away from the Russian mafia members who are in pursuit.

Later on in the episode Cane, Dru, and Lorenzo Tejada found out from Uncle Frank’s sons that it was a black guy who caught the body and not the white guy which was supposed to be Brayden Weston. They are suspicion that it perfect timing that they are getting hit for this eye opening opportunity by the Tejadas after their connect is gunned down in the street.

Towards the end of episode Cane text Brayden to deliver the news and questions him about Lauren and asked him was she still alive since it is clear that Brayden if he killed someone it would be no problem doing it again and not be asking people to do it for him. Cane name drops Tariq as the person he thinks killed the Russian connect

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Written by Byron Nelson

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