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Power Book III: Raising Kanan’s MeKai Curtis Reacts To Kanan Starks’ Death In Season Six Of Power

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Young Kanan, who is played by MeKai Curtis was recently on The Crew Has It Podcast, and was asked to give his opinion of the death of Kanan Stark in season six of the original Power.

“[He] went out like a G,” Curtis said of Kanan’s death on the podcast The Crew Has It, hosted by Michael Rainey Jr. and Gianni Paolo of Power Book II: Ghost.

“But that scene honestly is so crazy the more I think about it,” he continued, “because Kanan, up until that point, was [for] one, trying to get revenge. And we all thought it was probably just by trying to get his business back, but he actually did it by turning Tariq into one of the coldest motherf****** alive. Because he had that moment right there to… he could have easily [killed Tariq], but he said, ‘No, learn from this.’”

“That moment right there is probably one of the [hardest moments],” he continued. “So much happened because of that,” Rainey shared.

Speaking of Rainey in an episode of The Crew Has It, he was asked which actors he would like to join the Power Universe.

“Oooh, Mike Epps,” Lapri replied, around the 31:50 mark. “…OK so I feel like I want to pick a woman then. Maybe like… Queen Latifah. I could really see her playing like, I don’t know… maybe a family member of the Tejadas. She plays that kind of stuff so well. Like that cold, heartless, ruthless woman.”

“She could even be a f****** gangster too,” Rainey chimed in saying, clearly loving that idea as well. “She would be a fire gangster. Like, we run into her doing business and she comes and f**** our s*** up. That would be fire too.”

Power Raising Kanan will drop in the Summer of 2022.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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