Power Book II Tasha St. Patrick Returns As Vanessa Edwards & Gets Custody Of Yasmine

Power Tasha St. Patrick (Naturi Naughton) Credit: Starz

Tash St. Patrick returned to the Power Universe under the new name of Vanessa Edwards. She also has custody of Yasmine. Yasmine was also given a new name for her protection as Olivia Nicole Edwards, thanks to Tameika Washington, the former U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York.

Tariq St. Patrick could see his family, but he could not speak with them. As a result, the Edwards family had to be relocated to another safe house. However, Tasha St. Patrick looked over and smiled while holding Yasmine in her arms because she knew Tariq was in the car.

The last time we saw Tasha St. Patrick, she was wised away by the FBI because Tommy Egan was trying to kill her after she name-dropped him as the Drug Kingpin of St. Patrick and Egan organization. Following Tariq’s plan to fool law enforcement, Egan died in a car accident. Egan pulled a gun on Tariq, but St. Patrick had a backup plan in Monet Tejada.

Tommy: I knew you pulled something like this; I should have popped Tasha when I had a chance.

Tariq: Uncle Tommy, I knew that I couldn’t trust you. You don’t let go of grudges.

Tommy: Damn right! Your mother is dead on everything. I’m going to see her a**.

Monet takes his gun, and Tommy gets out of there with Tariq telling Monet not to shoot him.

Make sure you check out Power: Force to see what Tommy is up to now.

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Written by Landon Buford

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