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Power Book II: Ghost’s Jenny Sullivan Compares Lakers’ LeBron James & Son Bronny James To Ghost & Tariq St. Patrick [Watch]


Power Book II: Ghost’s Jenny Sullivan is a character that has a keen eye for comparisons, and one of her most interesting comparisons is that of Lebron James and his son Bronny James to James St. Patrick and Tariq St. Patrick from the hit show Power.

During a conversation with Cooper Saxe, Sullivan revealed that she was putting a rico task force to go after Tariq St. Patrick. Saxe replied, “Isn’t it a little early for that?”

Sullivan replied, “Isn’t a little to early for you to show up to my apartment unannounced? I wouldn’t even be here if I didn’t have to comeback for this [a file]. Your little Nancy Drew game isn’t getting me very far. An official task force will give me more resources, so I can cast a wider net.”

Sullivan later stated,” He [Tariq] is not just any kid, look who his parents were. Tariq was groomed for this, you think anyone was surprised LeBron’s kid [ Bronny James] could dunk a basketball?”

In many ways, the comparison is quite relevant. Lebron Jamesaa basketball supersta,r is widely considered one of the greatest players of all time, just as James St. Patrick was a powerful drug kingpin with a reputation as one of the most ruthless criminals in New York City.

Meanwhile, Bronny James is a talented young player who is following in his father’s footsteps and has been touted as a potential future star, just as Tariq St. Patrick is the son of James St. Patrick and is trying to establish his own criminal empire while navigating the dangerous world his father left behind.

However, the two sets of father-son duos also have some key differences. For one thing, Lebron James has never been involved in any kind of criminal activity, whereas James St. Patrick was a drug lord who built his empire on violence and intimidation. Additionally, Bronny James is still a teenager who is just starting to make his mark on the basketball world, while Tariq St. Patrick is already deeply enmeshed in the criminal underworld and has committed numerous violent acts.

Despite these differences, the comparison between the two sets of fathers and sons is an intriguing one, and it speaks to the way that Power Book: Ghost and basketball both provide compelling examples of ambition, power, and the complex relationships that exist between parents and their children.

New episodes of ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ are available on the STARZ on Friday’s at 8:00 pm EST.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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