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Paul Pierce Wants To Build Trust And Credibility With New Venture With Rezerve

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On Wednesday evening, NBA Top 75 member Paul Pierce was on Twitter Spaces. He was discussing his partnership with Rezerve in The Hour of truth with Paul Pierce X Rezerve. Pierce is interested in cryptocurrency and has been searching for an opportunity to have his own coin in the past, but the rug was pulled out from under the operation.

However, this partnership with Rezerve believes this is a great opportunity for both sides. There is also a way for investors to ensure and protect their investments.

“The coin can be purchase on Pancake Swap on the binance side and uni-swap on the ethereum side,” said Pierce.

For an hour, Piece elected to wave the fees for his fans and audiences because they are on the ground floor and are a new token.

According to one of the spokesmen from Rezerve, they have been working on this for less than a year.

“Right now, Paul is letting everyone in his following know that we are on the ground floor. We are a fairly new token. We have been working on this for eight or nine months. That means that it is not on the big exchange yet like Coinbase and binance yet. Where you and plug in and purchase it with your credit card. It is a little bit difficult to get right now. You will have to jump into something that is called the defiance space. When hear that some made a lot of money that means they bought in at the beginning. So, what Paul is doing is letting people know about it while they still have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor.”

In terms of long-term goals, right now Pierce is looking to gain trust and credibility with Rezerve.

“First of all, I’m just trying to develop trust and credibility longterm. There has been no trust or credibility in all these stable coins. So, people come out and pull the rug. I’m just trying to let people know that I am in it for the long haul. This is not something for a cash grab and this is something stable for me for the long run. This is not something that I need and I’m excited to be a part of a project,” Pierce said.

“I made a lot of money in the NBA and stuff, but like for me to be retired now and to be part of the real world. I get the chance to put my entrepreneur hat on. This is what excites me being able to do different projects like bing a part of the Rezerve team, and helping this grow. I’m doing another show on Showtime coming up. So, there are so many things that I have for the rest of my life other than being a ballplayer that I need to explorer.”

Earlier this year Paul Pierce was inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame as a part of the 2021 Class.

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Written by Landon Buford

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