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Oautica Wave and Max B Present the ‘Third Eye’ Collection Dropping This September

In a mesmerizing fusion of artistry, Oautica Wave and Max B are set to unveil a visionary collaboration that promises to captivate both the fashion and music worlds. Titled the “Third Eye” Collection, this remarkable partnership transcends boundaries, inviting us to explore imagination and creativity.

Oautica Wave, known for its intricate designs that draw inspiration from the ocean’s depths and fluidity, joins forces with Max B, a musical maestro celebrated for his soul-stirring compositions. This collaboration weaves together the elements of visual aesthetics and auditory resonance, creating a collection that resonates with those seeking a multi-sensory experience.

Former NFL defensive back and owner of Oautica Wave, Robert Nelson Jr recently spoke with about his upcoming collaboration with Max B.

“So, we got the collaboration through his manager Ty Black, which involved me reaching out to Black through different connections in my network in New York City. Things are coming full circle because Max B inspired me to start Oautica Wave. He promotes the wave in Oautica Wave, and the name had much to do with being inspired by Max B,” said Nelson Jr.

“So, I thought, why not start collaborating with him? We have been able to FaceTime each other, I have been able to show him some of my designs, share my vision, and he agreed to collaborate. He said, I’m a part of the Wave, let’s do it, and he even gave me a verse on a song for one of my projects. So, we are going to hold on to that until he’s able to come home. Over the last couple of months, I have gone through 30 to 40 designs before coming up with one that I approved with Max B and Ty Black. They loved the designed and we will be dropping it in the third week in September.”

He added, “We have a lot of celebrities who will be wearing the brand [Oautica Wave] individuals such as French Montana, Tariq [Michael Rainey Jr.] St Patrick from Power; we have about 20 shirts going out to the Power staff, and Swizz Beatz to name a few. Hopefully, it will get showcased in Power, God willing; if we can get it featured in the show, that would be a blessing. We have a lot of things in store moving forward, and I have the opportunity to work with my favorite artist and someone who inspired me to do what I’m involved with now.”

The “Third Eye” Collection is a tribute to the power of inner vision and intuition. Each piece reflects the concept of tapping into our innate creativity and imagination – a theme that runs through both Oautica Wave’s artistic designs and Max B’s music. The collection encapsulates the essence of exploring new dimensions and embracing the unknown.

Oautica Wave and Max B’s collaboration goes beyond aesthetics; it symbolizes the potential of unity and collaboration in the creative realm. By blending their talents, they exemplify the beauty that emerges when different artistic voices harmonize, urging us all to embrace collaboration as a path to innovation.

This September, the “Third Eye” Collection by Oautica Wave and Max B is set to take the world by storm. As the unveiling approaches, anticipation builds for a collection that promises to awaken the senses and elevate creativity. Stay tuned to witness the fusion of fashion and music in a way that celebrates the boundless potential of human expression.

The “Third Eye” Collection is more than just clothing; it’s an invitation to explore, to create, and to connect. Oautica Wave and Max B have harnessed their creative energies to deliver a collection that speaks to the power of imagination and collaboration. Prepare to unlock your own ‘third eye’ this September, as you embark on a journey that transcends the ordinary and dives deep into the realm of artistic exploration.

Earlier this year, Max B shared that he would be home soon. “Y’all know what it is. Shout out to the boy. The birthday boy is just checking in. You already know. Man, I’m feeling good,” he said. “It’s almost over. Two more joints, n****, I’m sliding out. Max Bigavell. 45, I feel good, look good. I taste good; I smell good, n****.” Fans on social media were excited about Max’s impending release. “I hope this mean two more months. He was suppose to get out in April. Wtf smh,” one user wrote on Instagram.

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Written by Landon Buford

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