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Nikki Bella Addresses Exclusion from Barmageddon Ad Copy

Nikki Bella, one of WWE’s most iconic female superstars, recently expressed her disappointment over being excluded from the promotional ad copy for the upcoming Barmageddon event. While the event itself features both male and female wrestlers, Bella’s name was noticeably absent from the promotional materials.

In an interview, Bella reflected on her long and successful career with WWE, spanning 16 years. She acknowledged her contributions to the company’s growth and the impact she has had on the women’s division. She also emphasized the strong personal bonds she had forged with fellow wrestlers and WWE personnel.

Bella’s departure from WWE in 2019 was amicable, with both parties expressing mutual respect and appreciation. However, she hinted at underlying personal issues that may have contributed to her decision to leave.

Despite her amicable departure, Bella expressed disappointment over the exclusion of her name from the Barmageddon ad copy. She drew attention to the apparent double standard, where outspoken female wrestlers are often marginalized, while their male counterparts are not subject to the same treatment.

Bella’s comments highlight a persistent issue within the wrestling industry, where women are often held to different standards than men. Her experience serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by female athletes in a male-dominated field.

While Bella’s exclusion from the Barmageddon ad copy may seem like a minor oversight, it speaks to a larger issue of gender bias and the marginalization of female voices in the wrestling industry. Bella’s willingness to speak out about this issue can help bring attention to the problem and encourage positive change.

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Written by Nick White

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