Nets G Kyrie Irving Has Strong Message For Nets Media At NBA Summer League

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The Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets are currently engaged in some of the most unusual commercial negotiations in the history of the NBA. Both sides have a big point guard that nobody else seems to want. The Lakers are trying to trade Russell Westbrook, who is owed $47 million and coming out of his worst season as a pro. Brooklyn wants to move Kyrie Irving, who missed most of the 2021-2022 season due to her failure to comply with the New York vaccination mandate. No other trade partner is clearly visible to either party, making negotiations extremely difficult.

Marc Stein recently reported the Nets are looking for compensation from the Lakers to make the trade. He also shared that the Nets would prefer to trade Kevin Durant, who requested a trade from the two last month before moving Irving.

With all the trade charter between the Lakers and Nets involving Westbrook and Irving the Lakers brass was seen talking with the Nets brass at NBA Summer league in Vegas.

There have also been side stories like Russell Westbrook and LeBron James sitting on opposite sides of the court from one another. Kyrie also popped up at Summer League after catching the Storm and Sparks game on Thursday night in Los Angeles.

Kyrie was sitting courtside just a few feet from Clippers Governor Steve Baller and consultant Jerry West. He was also seen chatting it up with ex-Sparks coach and Lakers guard Derek Fisher. Of course, with all the trade charter, Nets media would like to have some words with Irving but were denied twice when asked to speak.

First, Alex Schiffer, who covers the Nets and the Knicks for The Athletic, attempted to shoot his shot at an interview with Irving, resulting in this response, “I asked Kyrie Irving if he could talk. He said he [was] here to watch the games. Have a good night.”

A user responded with, “he is a nice person; he said it in a kind way at least lol.”

Schiffer replied, “Was a civil conversation. He and I have always gotten along fine.”

Then Brian Lewis from the New York Post attempted to shoot his shot and failed too.

“Asked Kyrie Irving for a comment. “Go through the right channels, bro.”

As for the Nets Summer League team, they are schedule to play the Sixers on Sunday afternoon at 3:30 pm EST on NBA TV.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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