NBC Flirting With Sunday Night NBA Basketball, Per Report

The NBA is gearing up for a transformative shift in its media landscape as the expiration date of its current media deals looms closer in the 2024-25 season. With high expectations of a substantial increase in annual payouts, the league aims to triple its rights fees from the current $2.6 billion to a staggering range between $7 and $8 billion per year.

While the specific details of the upcoming media deal are yet to be finalized, numerous key players are eagerly competing for the coveted broadcasting rights. ESPN/ABC, long-standing partners of the NBA, are expected to remain in contention, although they will face fierce competition from other contenders. NBC, which last televised NBA games in 2002, has expressed keen interest in reentering the broadcasting arena and may challenge TNT for Tuesday night broadcasts. NBC might also explore the possibility of Sunday Night Basketball following the immensely popular Sunday Night Football, giving them a prime-time slot to captivate viewers.

Streaming giants like Amazon and Apple are also eyeing NBA broadcasting rights, adding a new dynamic to the bidding process. Amazon, in particular, is highly motivated to secure Thursday night games once the football season concludes, allowing them to avoid direct competition with the NFL. Meanwhile, Apple has exhibited a serious commitment to expanding its presence in the NBA broadcasting realm, potentially sparking a bidding war with other networks and streaming platforms.

While the exact distribution of games and the inclusion of the in-season tournament are still under consideration, it is evident that significant changes lie ahead for NBA broadcasting. Negotiations and bidding procedures are likely to commence well before the current agreement expires in 2025, as the league aims to secure a lucrative media deal.

Renowned sports media reporter Andrew Marchand from the NY Post has offered his insights into the potential developments. While his analysis is speculative, Marchand’s understanding of the industry’s behind-the-scenes dynamics provides valuable perspectives on the ongoing discussions.

As the NBA seeks to strike a lucrative media deal, the league will carefully evaluate its options and assess the most advantageous partnerships to maximize viewership and revenue. Fans can anticipate an exciting new era of NBA broadcasting, characterized by a diverse mix of traditional networks, streaming platforms, and potentially innovative formats aimed at enhancing the viewer experience. The future of NBA broadcasting is poised to bring basketball enthusiasts an unprecedented level of engagement and immersion.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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