Augustine Ume-Ezeoke: From Professional Football Player to Inspiring Coach and Fitness Professional

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Augustine Ume-Ezeoke, a former professional football player and now a college football coach and fitness professional, shares his experiences and insights in this interview. Augustine’s journey began after college when he had the opportunity to attend the New York Jets’ training camp. Although that didn’t work out as expected, he pursued a career in professional football overseas, playing in Sweden, Germany, and Portugal. Augustine describes his experience playing professionally as awesome, allowing him to travel the world and do what he loves.

However, his transition from being a professional football player to a college football coach came about after his fourth year of playing professionally. He decided to pursue his master’s degree and became a graduate assistant at the University of Nebraska. This opportunity opened the doors to his coaching career, eventually leading him to become a full-time coach at Stephen F. Austin State University and later at the University of Nebraska as a wide receivers coach.

The transition from professional athlete to coach had its difficulties, and Augustine mentions the sacrifices he had to make. These sacrifices included sacrificing time with family and friends, as coaching demanded a significant amount of time and dedication. Despite the challenges, Augustine found fulfillment in coaching and had the opportunity to mentor and support players, just as his coaches had done for him.

In 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted coaching activities, Augustine experienced a period of self-reflection and decided to make a shift. He moved to Southern California and discovered a passion for the fitness industry, particularly personal training and sports performance. Augustine’s background in physical therapy, combined with his coaching experience, enabled him to create a unique training approach that integrated aspects of physical therapy, personal training, and sports performance.

What sets Augustine apart as a fitness professional is his emphasis on building relationships with his clients. He believes that building a strong rapport and showing genuine care for clients’ well-being is crucial. Additionally, Augustine focuses on delivering results and creating a supportive community. He tailors his training programs to meet individual needs, whether it’s working with professional athletes, gender populations, or weekend warriors. Augustine’s training philosophy centers around mobility, core strength, and implementing specific goals to help clients achieve their desired results.

One notable highlight in Augustine’s career was his opportunity to work with Bryce Young, the number one pick in the 2023 NFL draft. This collaboration came about through connections in the sports industry, showcasing the power of networking and partnerships. Augustine’s experience working with Bryce Young was rewarding, and shortly after their training sessions, Bryce got drafted number one by the Carolina Panthers.

In addition to personal training, Augustine also leads group classes such as kettlebells, extreme conditioning boot camps, and group weight training at Moxi 3 gym. These classes provide participants with the benefits of group training, including motivation, accountability, and camaraderie. Augustine’s group classes aim to challenge and support individuals as they work toward their fitness goals.

Overall, Augustine Ume-Ezeoke’s journey from professional football player to college football coach and fitness professional demonstrates his passion for the game, dedication to his clients, and the ability to adapt and thrive in different roles within the sports industry. His experiences and unique training approach continue to positively impact the athletes and individuals he works with, fostering a sense of community and helping them achieve their fitness goals.

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Written by Landon Buford

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