NBA Champion Kyle Kumza Violates Nets Spencer Dinwiddie Via Twitter & Has Sixers Beating The Nets In The First Round [Look]

Last season, Spencer Dinwiddie played for both the Washington Wizards and the Dallas Mavericks, but he now finds himself playing with the Brooklyn Nets in the playoffs. Despite being far removed from his former team and teammate Kyle Kuzma, Dinwiddie still had some choice words for them in a recent interview.

Dinwiddie addressed a tweet that Kuzma had made in response to a Wizards win over the Mavericks. Kuzma had claimed that the Wizards did not play winning basketball, which Dinwiddie felt was an unnecessary shot at his former team.

“The funny thing is they don’t play winning basketball,” Kuzma shared via Twitter.

“What’s that thing Draymond [Green] just said, where he said, ‘insecurity is loud,’ we lost to them. I was on the Mavericks. Obviously, we have an MVP-caliber guy, and we’re trying to be a championship-caliber team that just went to the Western Conference Finals… so I make a statement about we need to be better. Understanding the culture and how games are kind of played in D.C., saying that’s an unacceptable loss in that fashion. He decides to respond because I guess he felt like it was a shot at him,” Dinwiddie said on Run It Back.

He also criticized Kuzma’s priorities, suggesting that Kuzma was more focused on his personal brand and contract negotiations than on winning.

While Dinwiddie’s comments may come across as harsh, they do shed light on the different motivations and priorities that can exist in the NBA.

As players compete for contracts and endorsements, their focus may shift away from team success. However, Dinwiddie’s play with the Nets suggests that he remains committed to winning, and he will have a chance to prove himself in the playoffs.

Now I’m not in that environment,” Dinwiddie said. “I’m in the playoffs. He’s not and you know… I’m just saying to address a socialite, right? Like there’s a lot of guys in the NBA that really poured their heart and soul into basketball, [and] are willing to do whatever it takes to win. There are a lot of guys that have different things that drive them and motivate them.

“I think if we look at you know him in the way he approaches life, fame, all that stuff that we can see that you know, his priorities tend to vary, Dinwiddie continued. “That’s why [he] dressed the way he does, approaches basketball the way he does, the comments he makes.”

Meanwhile, Kuzma caught wind of Dinwiddie’s comments and fired off a series of tweets in response.

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