Nash Hsan released a new single called “what we could be”

Baltimore, Maryland-based musician and producer Nash Hsan is a talented artist and has proven himself in so many genres of music. His musical prowess has gained him respect.

“What we could be” is a moody song filled with regrets about losing someone you were supposed to hold on to.”What we could be” is an alternative rap song that gives you a reason to hold on dearly to people you love. The slow and upbeat sounds make up a perfect resonant.

Nash Hsan is a professional musician and has beautiful works on his playlist, like “just a little intermission,” which also compliments his style of music. Nash is a free soul and does not allow any limitations on his type of music; when it comes to music, he is naturally talented and always delivers. Hearing so much about him that we had to feature him on our page.

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