Connor Evans released a new special called “FRIA”

Atlanta-based artist Connor Evans, a hip-hop artist, made a new single called “Fria.” “Fria” is a reggaeton, trap, hip hop song that makes you dance and is happy. It is a beautiful rap song that gives you a vision of FRIA.

Connor Evans is inspired by his travels throughout Colombia, and it is his first Spanish release. Connor Evans is continually inspired by his travels, which give you a glimpse of his life in California, the Virgin Islands, New York, and Colombia. He shows you those places through his music.

“Fria” gives you his experience of Connor while working with a shaman and parking in a sacred ceremony called ayahuasca that takes you on a hallucinatory journey, and that was where he met “Fria.” 

Connors’s singing is a mix of rap, reggaeton, and soul that is nothing you have ever heard before. His music journeys through melodic sounds and beats you can’t get out of your head. Hearing about this project had to feature him on our page.

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